Thursday, May 31, 2012


Here is a story about a slide.
Dash sits atop the slide but does not disembark. He (and Liam) like to hang out there. Maybe it's pleasant. More likely, they like to torment their brother. Liam hops up and down, excited for his turn.

Liam no longer looks excited and starts squawking. He must be getting impatient. Dash looks ready to take his ride.

Ah, Liam was not being impatient, only troubled that his pants had descended as swiftly as his brother down the slide. Skinny boy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


These two little boys love to find matches. They find the matching cars. They see a picture of a cow and run to the show me their cow puzzle piece. A firetruck drives by and they point out the firetruck toy at the playground. They see a shoe in a book and show me their own shoe. A picture of a beach on my computer causes them to point at the garage door where I know (via mommy telepathy) they are referring to how we drove in the car to the beach. They notice their digger truck and point down the stairs where I know (via mommy telepathy) they are referring to the truck book currently on the first floor.

And they'll say "two" to make sure I get that they found a pair. Sometimes, when it's more than two items matched, they'll say "more." Truly, some of their most proud faces happen when they've made an exciting match. A proud face that's reflected in my own.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As hinted by yesterday's post, we went to the beach again. We wanted to do one last hurrah while my parents were still in town. So we decided to go to Galveston this time, assuming that as a more touristy place, there would be better maintenance of the seaweed situation. And so it was! Plus we happened on a perfect parking spot right away and then got some Rita's Ice at the end. Our day at the beach follows:
It was so much much much better having no seaweed and a huge shore in which the boys could play. Ah it was so lovely.

Way to rock out the sneakers on the beach, dad! He didn't want burnt feet. Instead, he got burnt ankles.

Liam especially liked to scoop up the slippery, watery sand and plop it in his bucket.


Dash thought it was so funny how the water would pull the sand out from under his feet.

Seashells for the finding!

'Course we got out there and played in the waves with our boys. I tell you, it's a mighty fine workout lifting those kids up and down as the water rolled in.

They really thought it was so cool to be in so much water. And isn't it nice to have a grandpa there who takes pictures of all of us? How often do we get the whole family in one shot?

Liam enjoys a good splash while his mom contemplates how being in a bathing suit is every pregnant woman's dream.

Wet and thoroughly satisfied.

Then the feet burying began.

They could have stayed there piling handful after handful of sand on their feet for ages had we not suggested the next activity...

Body burying! Here's our Liam Merman blowing the excess sand off his fins.

And Dash Merman a big concerned about the dried seaweed beside him.

Before we left the boys got very comfortable with the waves.

Very, very comfortable.

And after all four and a half of us had a nice family sit, we spent the next week picking sand and dried seashell bits off the boys' bums. We expect nothing less from a trip to the beach.

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Toys

I already talked about the bikes my little two-year-olds received for their birthdays but they were also given a bunch of other goodies (they have such generous grandparents and friends). Besides their new toy airplanes, trucks, glowy balls, legos, and sand toys, here's a few of their new favorites.
This thing is really a fire truck of sorts but it comes in a bunch of parts that fit together like a train, so that's what they call it, their new train. And they adore it. Now it's my go-to distractor- "hey Dash, why don't you go play with your new trains." Works like a charm.

They are also now proud owners of sidewalk chalk.

They really like to see them roll down the driveway since they descend in a curve. And they like to draw on the car. Not really how I pictured them playing with the chalk, but, sure.

But they really do like seeing us draw and then coloring (meaning: swipe big chalk lines) over the top of them.

And of course, their hunger for puzzles has been fed.

I'm really surprised how well they caught onto how these foam puzzles worked. They quickly learned when to elevate the board and when to lay it along the ground. I think these kids are smarter than me.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Right

We got to take another peek at Baby Boy #3 yesterday. Last month, he was so tucked in the technician couldn't see the end of his spine, so we had a redo! I'm happy to report that the spine looks fine and dandy. As does the rest of him!

Everything's looking good with this pregnancy so far and I'm feeling pretty good. My mom found my maternity clothes (I knew she would) during her visit so I'm living without worry of a stretched out wardrobe.

Do you want to know the neatest thing about this pregnancy? Well, my due date is Sept 15. Sean's brother is having a baby boy... due Sept 24! AND my brother is having a baby... due Oct 5! Liam and Dash were twins, now this baby gets to be a triplet!

Dash and Liam had a check-up of their own last week. From now on, they only need yearly doctor visits- so grown up! They had so many compliments on their behavior and demeanor. My good boys. Here's their stats (as they give their baby brother a kiss):
24 lb 8 oz (10%)
35.88" (86%)

25 lb 1 oz (15%)
35.63" (82%)

We make 'em tall and skinny!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Splash

Last week, we wanted to take the whole crew, Zechiel parents and all, to a splash pad. Having heard of one closer than the one we went to last year, I investigated. Twas a worthwhile use of my time, for we found one that is not only closer but TONS easier to park by. Plus it was deserted when we first arrived.
The boys liked to get wet but not too wet. It may be a while before the venture into the eye of the storm.

Liam was quite willing to let the spray soak his head, though- who doesn't love a cold shower?

But he remained very wary of the buckets that randomly dumped water. I was, too. Sneaky buckets, luring the unsuspecting into an evil trap of wetness.

Dash liked to catch the water. Or maybe he wanted to clap his hands in it. Whatever it was, it was cute.

And it also inspired much dancing. We don't call him Dancin' Dash for nothing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Their New Wheels

Check out what the boys received for their birthday. Some pretty sweet rides, eh?

I'd been debating whether they'd do better with a balance bike or tricycle- Sean finally convinced me that one of each would work out perfectly in the end. I was concerned they'd both want one more than the other.

And that's pretty much the case. They both love the tricycle; it's such an easy ride! They can't reach the peddles yet but they love to push themselves along and steer. The balance bike takes more practice so it's definitely less coveted.

Liam's more tolerant of the balance bike so he's often "stuck" with it. So he's extra happy when it's his turn on the trike.

Whenever Dash submits himself to the balance bike, it's on the condition that you'll push him. He'll rarely scoot himself along. But when you do push him, he rewards you with a very sweet, "whee!" In fact, I often hear the boys "whee"ing as they're laying in bed. I guess they're making memories worth reliving.

Monday, May 21, 2012


What're you looking at?

Why's everyone looking out the window?

Oh, you know, just watching this incredible astronomical event last night. It was an annular eclipse so it could have looked like a neat sun ring but the sun set before it could get to that point. But make no mistake, it was still super awesome.

This was Sean's narration: "This is neat. This is neat. This is really cool. This is neat." He's my space lover.

Looking at it through a telephoto lens on the camera's LCD screen was a perfect way to view the eclipse, by the way. In case you want to know, you know, for next time...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Funny Video Friday

Liam and Dash are great at recognizing temples and now take particular interest in Angel Moroni.
Who knows, maybe they'll be inspired to take up the trumpet in a few years.

They've been signing "more" for a long time but only saying it vocally the last few weeks. Dash says it in a pretty straight-forward way, but Liam...
He must be channeling a Frenchman. That throatiness sends me into giggles every time.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wet Yard

We had a little outdoor water fun the other day.
Firstly, I brought out spray bottles full of water.

Ah, refreshing!

A little spritz on the face.

A little spritz on the torso.

A lot of spritzes all over!

And I turned on the sprinkler. Nice and low.

They generally stayed on the outskirts, letting the water fall on their legs.

Unless I led them in, after which they'd run back out after their heads got wet.

Oo, too much wet to handle!