Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've noticed I've been taking a lot of crib pictures lately.
I think this is because, 1) They are so dang happy to see Sean and I after they wake up,

2) They're nice and safe in their little cubicles while I stand back with the camera,

3) The mattress supplies a perfect format for flopping around and all sorts of silly fun,

(Video: "Dad Fun in the Same Crib")

And, 4) Daddy provides a whole lotta giggles!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Five More Minutes, Mom

Confused and a little perturbed: Sean looks the exact same way whenever I wake him up (Dash, too!)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This little boy just learned how to suck on his sippy cup.

This little boy... pretends to know what to do with his sippy cup.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Unexpected Welcome

I grabbed the camera a few days ago to show you how Liam and Dash typically greet me after they wake up. Usually, they're standing up, gnawing on the railing and squawking at each other until they notice me at the door, making big excited gasps.

But his day, they changed things up a little.

I peaked at Liam first, who was rolling around on the mattress, then crawled to me with a big smile.

Then when I came over to Dash, he collapsed into a heap of tears! Maybe because he couldn't see my face behind the camera? Poor sweetie.

He got better. And those watery eyes are just so adorable.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I think it's time to dust.

Thanks for the hint, boys.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


My folks came during mid-March, so you know what that means... RODEO TIME!

It was Liam and Dash's first carnival and livestock experience. Well, the first time outside of the womb. I waddled around last year and have been tired every since.

And, bonus, we met up with my brother's family! Did you know it's really really hard to meet up in the middle of a carnival?

Doesn't this look awesome? Giant human hamster balls in the water! My nieces and nephews tried it... but that's not them pictured. Our boys keep us on a strict sleeping schedule, so we only had so much time at the rodeo and the other kids had to wait a while for their turn in the tub, so we kept exploring the rodeo. I hear they had fun though!

Liam really seemed to enjoy the fun, wiggling all around to look at everybody.

Dash took the approach of leaning back and gently taking it all in.

The Baby Center portion of the livestock show is my favorite. Cute widdle bebee animows!

"Dad, did you see the twins? The twin lambs? Twins!"

I don't know which they liked better: the animals or the gates penning them in.

Poor little baby chick was stuck to his shell. So he was carting it all around.

Ah, close proximity makes interest increase!

Good thing there was glass to keep that finger from doing any damage!

Oh, funny thing, we stopped to eat some food and ended up sitting right next to a set of twins. Then they left and were replaced by ANOTHER set of twins! We must have been in the twin zone or something.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

People Pictures

Did you know that I used to think that taking pictures of people was lame?

That was back in the day when all I had to capture the moment was a very unfancy point-and-shoot.

When I photographed people, it just looked so flat and posed and not very exciting. I would much rather take a picture of nature to showcase a pretty scene. Much more appealing.

But then I got a point-and-shoot with a zoom. Then one with a macro setting. Then my beloved dslr came into my life.

And I figured out how to create depth and change angles and how to make faces look good. People can be the star of a photo, too.

And now I'm rather fond of taking pictures of people.

And their feet.

Because taking pictures of mountains and grass and water is cool and all...

... I think it's the people that hold true beauty.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoo Time with Gma

My mom came a few days before my dad, so we filled the time with a little shopping and a trip to the zoo!

Liam was mesmerized by the jelly fish.

Dash seemed... unimpressed.

Come on, Dash, this is pretty cool.

While sometimes the stroller doesn't offer the best vantage point...

It was the perfect height for frond-pulling.

Funny story: While we were watching some monkeys, the lady next to us called over to a kid, "Hey Liam, come over here and look at this. Liam!" My Liam just stared and stared at that lady, brow furrowed, probably very confused why she knew his name.

Also, I have to hand it to my mom, monkeys give her the willies and she walked through a whole exhibit of them! Way to sacrifice for the kids, mom!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Keeping Us Company

After hearing that the surgical rotation (which Sean is currently experiencing) is fantastically time-consuming, mom became concerned that I'd be needing some help while Sean was busy at work. So she planned a trip out to give me a hand (what a nice excuse to satiate her twin boy cuddle craving).

She chose last week as the time to come, which was quite fortuitous. Seeing as Sean worked 75 hours last week, Sunday to Friday (which fittingly ended with an unexpected 18-hour day)! Not to mention the daily commute.

It would have been a little lonely 'round here.

I think Liam and Dash liked having some new faces to greet them.

Not to mention having someone new to play with!

Because these boys really like to play.

Oh, did you know they liked to play? They do.

Dad tried to reinforce proper Pogo-petting etiquette. Those floppy ears are just so temptingly grab-able!

It was nice for me to not be the sole victim of their sharp little teeth.

Yes, he has a problem.

No, just kidding. Dad's actually being very inventive. In order to make use of the last dregs of syrup clinging to the sides of the bottle, he poured milk into the bottle for a little chocolate milk. And why dirty a glass when you've got a handy dispenser ready to use?

I'm sure there's an equally logical explanation for this decision.

I must say that my parents thoroughly enjoyed my kids and my kids thoroughly enjoyed my parents.

And my dear hubby is so glad that the three of us had such wonderful company.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hangin in the Crib

Crib Mouthing e

front and back e