Friday, November 17, 2017


The boys all tried soccer this year. The verdict: they all loved it.

Grey's not bad when he can stand in front of the ball, get a big swing, and kick the ball. It's doing it while moving that's the trick.

This is what Kindergarten soccer always look like. Just a mass of little bodies toeing the ball.

Liam and Dash were on the same team and had a weeknight practice as well as a Saturday game each week.

They really loved being able to run all over the place as they played. Sean and I know next to nothing about the game so they learned a lot from their experience.

They both enjoy being goalie and made lots of saves. But they also like being on the field and chasing the ball.

Actually, for most of the season, neither of our kids' teams scored any goals. The trend was thankfully broken in the last couple of games. The boys all took it in stride- as long as there was a good treat at the end of the game, they had a good time. And we're glad to have our Saturdays back again!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Briarfest 2017

Time for the annual Briarfest!

Ready to play games.

Ready to earn prizes.

Ready to tie his laces.

Ready to be cute.

Chatting on the phone with a Colorado sunset backdrop.

Obviously, latex gloves were a must.

Dance party while we wait for our food to be ready.

Shine your light on us.

Carnival rides!

Carnival ride watching!

Finishing off with cotton candy.

Until next year. (Oh yeah, my parents were there too!)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Hi I'm Grey! A little while ago (yes, Mommy is behind) I turned five years old!

I am a fun-loving kind of kid. Laughing is probably my favorite thing to do, I want to laugh about everything! And I look pretty cute doing it!

I'm really liking school and it's helping me learn to read. Now it's so fun to see a word and sound it out. My teacher is great and I love to play with my friends. Mom really likes that I tell her about my day at school, something my older brothers rarely do.

I really love my brothers and sister, though I have to be extra patient with Wren who, for some reason, really likes to me (she likes to hit everyone but especially me). Mom is so impressed by how patient I am with her. And I used to be able to say that my behavior is so great, I had been so obedient and understanding, but the last few weeks have been rough. I hit my head really hard in a fall and since then I have a hard time following rules and I get pretty crazy at bedtime. I'm working at getting better!

I really like Zelda and watching Daddy play video games. I like to eat snacks and candy SO MUCH. I love to play and to snuggle and be sweet. And I love being five!

Monday, November 13, 2017


Sean and I realized years ago that there would be a total solar eclipse viewable from the states and vowed that we would witness it. Sean and I both love anything space-related. A total solar eclipse is like astronomy's Super Bowl. Cannot be missed.

And here we are, living in Colorado, close but not close enough. But, yea verily, Kyle's family had just moved to Kansas, a mere hour from totality. So despite having to miss two days of class, just a week into the schoolyear, to Kansas we went for a long weekend. We had a nice few days there but I only took pictures on eclipse day, ha!

We weren't sure how the weather was going to play out so we just kind of went in a northerly direction and found a place to wait it out. Pompa (who also came for the eclipse but he was also there to soon help take care of kids because Lindsay was about to leave to go donate a kidney (!) to her cousin. She's all sorts of incredible) pulled out a surprise- bubble blowers! That kept the kids entertained (and sticky) for a long while.




(ha ha!)






We decided we needed to go a bit more north and ended up at a park, where we picnicked and watched, through our eclipse glasses, the moon sneak in front of the sun.

Pompa brought a square of welders glass that made a nice, albeit green, filter for the camera. Eclipse photos all by Sean.

I was really impressed that the glasses allowed you to see the sun's shape even through a bit of cloud cover. But, boy, did we want that cloud cover to leave! And it did! We played and peaked and played and peaked and soon that sun turned into a sliver. We watched and watched that sliver thin until it winked out. Then, ripping off the glasses, we were met with the most glorious sight.

I don't know how the change from a small ball of light to a small ball of darkness surrounded by light could impact my soul so deeply. The light cascading out from behind the moon, the twilight-like atmosphere around us, the skyline rosy as sunset in a full circumference, it just ignited my heart.

And everyone else thought it was just as amazing! The kids were gasping in shock and awe. Though just as I pulled out my phone to record them, a group nearby started singing Happy Birthday, which made them all pause with confusion.

I videoed after that, so it wasn't their initial amazement but you still get the idea. Plus, eclipse time was limited so I wasn't paying too much attention to my recording!

Then after two minutes and some change, a pinpoint of direct light returned and totality was over. But we sure kept talking about it! For minutes and hours and days and months! It was one of the most spectacular things I have ever witnessed and I'm so glad we made the effort. A total solar eclipse!

And you know what? A half hour later, the clouds were so thick we couldn't even see the sun. Boy howdy, we were grateful for its delay!

Friday, November 10, 2017

First Day of School 2017

Yes, we're three months into school, but here are the first day of school photos!

Dash is now in second grade and is loving it. He has a really fun teacher and is doing great in his class.

Liam is also a second grader and in the same class as his brother. He's doing spectacularly and also really enjoys his teacher.

Grey is a kindergartner! It's a half-day class (three hours a day) which is really a perfect introduction to school for him. He loves his teacher, who is a perfect blend of kind, organized, and competent. He already knew a lot of his classmates from church, so it wasn't even too intimidating at first. He seems to be doing a great job in school. He's making so much progress on his reading- when I would work on that with him, he only acted silly and was for the most part uncooperative. Kindergarten is magic!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cousins at the lake

While Kyle and Linday's family were visiting, we spent a little time by Palmer Lake. And I took some photos.




Lindsay's kids were so interested in what this fisherman was doing and he actually let them try it a bit, which seemed to make their day!

Elsewhere, a game of frisbee golf.

Wren had been wearing a skirt, but it was water-logged within seconds.



Moments before, Dylan flung himself into the water and Kyle rescued him. Gotta have a little cry about that.

When all the big-kid-swings are taken.







Grey's trying to copy the Sawyer's pose.