Tuesday, March 31, 2009

[check] and [check]

The thesis... is done! Well, sort of- I need to add a couple things before I defend it. But it's done enough for the department!

Incidently, I'm finally published! Take a gander if you'd like. It should be printed in the journal next month. I tell ya, it's so exciting to see my name on there. Of course, my professor submitted my nickname rather than Kathryn. How... informal. I'm not surprised. We should be trying to publish all the data that's in my thesis, as well. I'm famous!

Hmm, I think now I'll catch up on today and yesterday's newspaper. I'm a tad behind. And then, I think I'll sleep.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Thesis is due on Tuesday.

I will come back to life shortly after thesis submission.

Thank you.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whackadoozy Week

1) I needed to make some mouse sipper tubes, which involves slicing some plastic pipettes with a hot razor blade. You guessed it, I wasn't paying attention and grabbed the blazin' blade and gave myself a nice couple of burns. But it didn't hurt much after the first hour and now it's such a weird feeling to not feel anything on the dead patches of skin. Wait, is it a feeling to "not feel?" ...I'll get back to you on that.

2) On Wednesday, a lady in my department told me I had to finish my thesis by March 24. Understand that A) I thought I had until March 31 and B) I still had two weeks of data to still gather, and you can imagine my flip-out session. But, lo and behold, after making approximately 805 calls, I discovered that the lady was wrong and I DO have until the end of the month. I think a week of my life was lost in the process.

3) On the same day, I got whacked with some sort of cold/allergy concoction. I went from slightly sniffly to a nose-dripping sneezer in about five minutes. It's going away now but last night it again metamorphosed into a nice cough that woke Sean up a zillion times (though I usually only woke up after he asked me if I was okay. Weird, no?). And, ha, Sean got me a water bottle in the middle of the night to ease the throat and I must have fallen asleep mid sip because I again awoke to a big puddle beside my shoulder. Ick!

4) Since it's crunch time for my thesis, I have to do lab work today, tomorrow and next weekend. Boo.

5) I forgot to fill out a bracket before all the basketball games started. Now it's no fun! And BYU lost. What a surprise...

6) Good things:
  • We had my old roomie, Jenna, and her husband, Chris, over for dinner and fun. I love that girl, it's always fun to talk and laugh with her. We played some games too: The Celestial Companions Game and Fact or Crap. Mom, don't get mad that I wrote the word "crap," okay?They made for a good time. Alas, I had too much fun to remember to take pictures.
  • LOST and The Office are continuing the magnificence that is their current seasons.
  • Sean continues his reign as best husband ever.

Let's end with another joke:

What's brown and sticky?

A Stick.

Love it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I knew you'd come through. Not only did Adele leave me a wonderfully cheesy tulip joke (see previous post's comments) but my ol' buddy Jessica provided me with an instant classic:

What do A's and tulips have in common?

Ponder that for a few moments and we'll come back to the hilarious answer!

First, let's revist one of those tulip pictures...

Let's compare the original photo I took to this end product after being subjected to some boosts in Photoshop, as shown in the previous post. Ugh, the original always looks like crud in retrospect.

This here version followed a tutorial to look like watercolor. It works for that other tulip picture I posted, but not so much this one.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I think this version's the winner, ha ha!

And now you're dying to know.... What do A's and tulips have in common?

They both have B's coming after them!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2 lips

The internet has just failed me. I thought any answer could be found within the World Wide Web (remember when people called it that?) but no. I was wrong. I could not find a single, legitimate tulip joke. Not a one. I know they exist, there's a shell of one floating around my head, but it could not be found online.

So if you know of a good tulip joke, please share, I need to know!

Something like, What's a kiss's favorite flower? Tulips! HAhaha!

I need some help.

But if YOU want to find fields of tulips, not to mention an endless supply of clogs and windmills, head to Holland, MI- where the Dutch call home. In America. Where the Dutch call home in America. Yes.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Way Back When

As much as I love opening up this blog to find Pogo's poor puppy eyes looking up at me, I guess it's time for another post. And in fact, looking for old pictures of my dear pooch inspired this post- I've started editing old photographs to try to make them look extra special. Photoshop works wonders.

Exhibit A The view from my IL home's back porch. That's one thing I miss all the time, a big midwestern sky full of billowy, beautiful clouds.

Exhibit B
I love my nieces and nephews! They're all so absolutely adorable. If I recall correctly, this was around the time that Rhuelin first started to like me. Before, he had been somewhat indifferent to my presence, but he finally started to seek me out to play with him! It was very exciting.
I also love that my parents kept my swingset. It'll be a weird and fun day when I have kids who play on that thing. Oo, I'll get to show them my Swingset Climb of Awesomeness path- up the rope, over the top of the crows nest, down the A-frame, walk from one swing to the other onto the slide platform, and down the hanging rings. It was awesome, I tell you. Awe-some.
Exhibit C
I feel so many emotions when I look at this photo. It's in beautiful Colorado, captured on the way up Pikes Peak. On the same day that I was to say goodbye to Sean who was about to scamper off into missionarydom. I was nervous, I was excited, I was sick, I was hopeful, I was scared, I was all sorts of everything, as I was taking this photo. And I feel them all again, right now.
Exhibit D
Eek, now I'm apprehensive! That bee was way to big to ever be allowed to exist. It's against evolution!
Exhibit E
All I can say is, my roommate and I were bored, so we decided to dress up and go to the grocery store. She's goth and I'm gansta/punk.
I'll have you know that none of those clothes were mine, all borrowed. I'm very un-gangsta at heart.

You can be sure you'll be seeing more of these Blasts from the Past. These are only through 2004, so there's plenty more to share!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Pogo

[Sigh] I miss my dog.

Pogo was my Christmas present my freshmen year of high school. Now she's over 9 years old and because of college, I haven't been around for half of her life! I don't know what it is about Provo but there isn't one good place that allows pets without tacking on a huge fee to the rent.

But guess what, whenever we move this summer, I am GOING to live where I can have pets. I want my Pogo back! She's such a cute, cuddly, sweet, fun dog, and it's time that she's mine again!

Thank goodness Sean is a dog person, too. He grew up with Murphy, whom I met once when visiting his house before Sean's mission. Have you ever seen more beautiful ears?

Are any of you dog people too? Or perhaps you prefer the feline? Or maybe something more innocuous, like fish or lizards? I bet some of you are the No Pet type. You cold-hearted weirdos :)