Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Little Frogs

It's Halloween, it's Halloween!

We've got one little Dash froggie.

And another little Liam froggie.

Froggie Dash thinks he's found a fly to catch but realizes it's just a thread in his face.

Froggie Liam just wants his Halloween candy. (and for his mosquito bite-caused swollen eye to go down)

These two little froggies sat so sweetly on the curb, waiting for some fun.

Until they found the fun and hop hop hopped away!

These froggies hopped so much, Daddy had to rescue them back to safety.

Yes, mommy made their little froggy suits. The whole time I was sewing, I was determined to never make a halloween costume again. But then they turned out so cute that my determination is now wavering.

I've never tried to make anything close to this and it shows. I used some pajamas to make the pattern but it somehow ended up tight (even after resewing all the seams to loosen it up). It made their hopping a little restricted.

We went to Trunk-or-Treat at church on Saturday. I started at their normal bedtime so we only stayed around a little while.

They didn't even trick or treat, they just wandered around from car to truck to car. And wiggling to the music.

And really enjoyed being froggies for the night. Makes a mama proud.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Sean is rounding out his first week of his Ob/Gyn rotation. Yesterday he walked by the OR where Liam and Dash were born!

He just finished his Radiology rotation, which had the most marvelous hours. We're now spoiled and complain about his current schedule. Sean loved his radiology rotation. He was especially excited to try out Interventional Radiology- doing procedures while the patient is being imaged. It seemed like a good mix of his interests. On his first of three days in that specialty, he texted me:

"I've found my calling."

Now, he hasn't committed to Interventional Radiology, or even radiology for that matter, but he's said it has raised tremendously on his list. Still, I think "I've found my calling" is a pretty big statement to make. At least we've got some direction!

One problem though. I always accidentally say Radiation instead of Radiology. And when I try to think of the specialty, I think of Integrated. So if he goes into that profession, I'll end up calling it Integrated Radiation all the time. Huh?

Still, no matter what he ends up doing, this is how we feel when he comes home:

(Daddy Comes Home from Katie Bradley on Vimeo.)

P.S. Anyone have any good Primary chorister tips/ideas/resources? Guess who's the new one in her ward... (funny story, too, [sorry lots of LDS jargon going on for those who aren't Mormon] I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday when, to my surprise, I was released from my last calling and sustained as primary chorister. That's right, no one extended the calling to me. I found out along with everyone else. What a surprising session of Ward Business.)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sights on a Walk

(On a Walk4 Showing Off from Katie Bradley on Vimeo.)

This is our typical fare on a walk, pointing things out and making car sounds. The only things missing are Stop Sign, Airplane/Helicopter, Bird, Grass, Cloud, Cat, and Flower. And recently Pumpkin.

Now, I should say we typically stroll about identifying all the sights around them but recently, we just spend the entire time avoiding mosquitoes. Swatting and dodging and running. I prefer the pointing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A trip to the zoo was our final adventure with the Grandma/Pompa/Austin. It was a tinsy bit hot but a lot a bit fun.

Fun for the boys because they got a whole lot of attention.

AND they got to see monkeys!

I'm itching to go again because the boys just learned to make monkey sounds. It'd be a riot to hear them "oo oo"ing all over the place!

A rare moment when one of the boys would actually hold on to someone's hand instead of wandering off to wherever their feet led them. And a funny Grandma face. Hee hee.

When the animals are a little far away, the zoo becomes more of a place to people-watch. People-watching is one of my favorite hobbies, I'm glad they enjoy it as well.

You think they're all related or something?

Then we went to the Petting Zoo portion. You would have thought it was Christmas morning they way Liam and Dash reacted to those goats up close.

Goats are like hippogriffs, first you have to make eye contact and establish a connection.

Then they'll let you climb all over them! Liam jumped right in.

So many goats, which one to pet next?

Dash spent most of his time approaching goats but then backing away at the last minute. Sometimes he'd manage a pat but not much more.

That is, until he found the goat in the feeding trough. He liked that one.

Did you know goats double as backrests?

Once we were done with the goats, we did a little playing. And apparently, goofy face-making.

The unsurprising biggest hit of all? The buttons that make animal noises. If we let them play instead of scurrying them out for dinner, who knows how long they may have listened to the owl hoot.

It was a fun trip to the zoo and a fun time with the in-laws. Thanks for the visit Bradleys! The boys (and the parents) can't wait to see you again!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where's the Dump Truck?

"Uncie Austin, do you see the dump truck? Right there on the iPad?" says Dash.

"Look, right there, there's a dump truck riiiiight there!" says the twins in unison.

"Where?" wonders Uncle Austin, "I don't see it yet!"

"Here it is, silly Austin!" squeals Liam. "Bttttttt!"

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Tale of Three Photographers

You guys are in for a something special today. You get to see the work of three different photographers all from one camera!

1) First, the photographer is POMPA!
I had to run Pogo back home after we reached the park (no dogs allowed. You have to sing it) so Pompa made sure I didn't miss a thing.

Apparently they were enraptured by the guy playing tennis. He had his very cool tennis ball shooter contraption, after all. How could you not watch?

They also got their supermodel on for Grandma.

Look at Dash work that pose. Tyra would be pleased.

Liam went for a hair toss pose. It works for him.

I returned and tried to show everyone how much my boys love me and pay attention to my every move. Fail.

2) Now, the photographer is ME!
Dash takes a little sampling of a ladder rung

Liam gets in on the action. So many flavors.

How did he get up there? I just can't... seem... to move up. Hmph.

Liam and Grandma play a little hide a seek with Grandma's fingers.

Ah ha, found you! Now I'll go hide!

Hi ho Silversaurous! Away!

Then all the gentlemen had a little swing time. Dash apparently wanted to be flung off while daddy swung.

This is a perfect pace, Pompa, keep it up.

Daddy, you're so much fun!

3) And a few photos from SEAN!
I got a turn at the swings too, and I have to say, it was heavenly. Just to have a quiet moment with my son. Blissful.

And my very favorite photo of the excursion. I can never get over their eyes.

If you happen to want to see some more photos from both Pompa and Grandma, take a gander over here. Bonus, there's pictures of sweet Avery!