Saturday, December 31, 2016

the things they say

Grey: Look at this!
Katie: Oh, you found a feather!
Grey: I don't want to step on a feather, that will sneeze me.

Dash: Ow! Grey stepped on my leg!
Katie: Grey did you know you stepped on your brother?
Grey: Yeah and I almost broked his bone. 

Grey: Hey are you Dash? Hey are you Dash? Hey Liam, are you Dash?
Katie chuckling: Liam, please don't ignore Grey. 
Liam: What, grey?
Grey: Are you dash?
Liam: No, you know I'm not, you said my name. 
Grey: You're dash. 

Grey: When I'm done, you can sit on my chair. 
Liam: Not a chair, a potty!
Grey: Yes it's a chair, see you sit right here. 
Katie: I agree with grey, I think you can call it a chair. 
Grey, flatly: ... I was talking to Liam. 

Grey: Do you know what I have in here?
Katie: Is it your pencil?
Grey: NO ITS MY PEN...cil. 

Grey: And that's our show today, thanks for watching!

Katie: Oh, Liam I love you. 
Liam: I love you, too. You love wren more. 
Katie: Why do you say that?
Liam: Because she's the cutest. 

Sean: How many stickers are there?
Grey, counting: One... A lot of them. 

Liam: Dash, you're funnier than me. 

Dash: Mommy, grey hit my face!
Grey: No, head!

Liam dismounts the tire swing: That hurt my bottom. And my kidneys. 

Grey: Oh my goodness, what is this?!

Sean: Wyoming! Have you guys been to Wyoming? Yeah, you have. 
Dash: Yeah, that's where we got caught by the cops. 

Grey: Mommy I thought you were sleeping!
Katie: Not right now, though I was this morning. 
Grey: No mommy, you sleep on Tuesdays and threesdays. 

Dash: Do you know why they call me dash? Because I'm so fast. 
Liam: But I came out of mommy first so I'm a little bit faster than you. 
Sean: You're both really fast. 
Liam: That's why they call me Sonic Liam!
Dash like a superhero: and I'm... Sonic Dash. 

Wren: ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma. 
Sean: da da. Da da. 
Wren: ma ma ma ma ma ma. 
Katie: that's right wren. Who's you're favorite?
Wren:... Da deeeeeee. 

Katie: Hey don't worry about wren, just do your job please.
Liam: I just a want to stare at wren all the time. 

Dash: What color is their car?
Katie: It's white. 
Dash: it that one?
Katie: No. 
Liam: it that one?
Katie: nope. 
Dash: it that one?
Katie: it's not. 
Liam: there are a lot of white cars! They must all have gone to the white car store!

Katie: Look, there's a bird!
Liam and dash sing: Jingle bells, batman smells, ROBIN DID YOU LAY AN EGG??

Wren [about 8 months old]: hiiii dada! 

Dash: You know the two words in pancake? Pant and ache!

Grey shows me his open palms: Look I did magic!
Katie: Oh yeah, did you make something disappear?
Grey: Yeah! The boogie is gone!

Grey: It's so little, it's cute. Mars is cute!

Dash: Legos! I MISSED you!

Pompa: Do you guys want to go camping?
Dash/Liam/Grey: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Liam: Sincerely yes!

Dash: I smell water. 

Grey hands Sean a book: Daddy, weed this weed this!
Dash: I want to weed... read this. 

Dash: Where'd all these moths come from?
Liam: There's a lot of them. 
Dash: Maybe they're venomoths. 
Liam: Or maybe venonats!
Dash: Venonats? Certainly not. 

Katie: Do you know who that is on the picture?
Grey: Baby Wren!
Katie: That's actually you! You look like baby Wren, don't you?
Grey: Oh that's me pushing the baby. 
Katie: That's Liam and Dash pushing you in the swing, Grey!
Grey: No that's baby Dash. I'm pushing him with Liam. 
Katie: That baby isn't you?
Grey: No, I'm pushing baby Dash with Liam. That's right. 

Radio: She sets, she sets the city on fire. 
Dash: Cheesecake, cheesecake sitting on fire. 

[Car drives by with music on]
Liam: I know that song! I like that song!
Dash: That must be Sunny one oh six point three!

Dash: This corn dog is really hot but it's making me cold. 
Katie: That doesn't make any sense!
Dash: Well, that's what's happening to my body. 

Grey: Let's go in the play area and watch people play. 

Radio: That was a new song from--
Grey: He said pidgey!

Liam: [gasp] let's go to ARBYSWEHAVETHEMEATS!

Dash: Come on goal, be easier!

Grey: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Bees have tongues!

Sean: How was everybody's day?
Grey: Wren cried. And then she stopped crying. And then she cried again. And then she stopped crying. And then she cries again. And then she stopped crying. 

Grey: Mommy, I love yellow. And red. And blue. And gray. And black. And I love all the colors. And want to give them all a hug because I love them!

Grey: Dash, where are you?
Dash: Over here!
Grey: Where?
Dash: I'm in something!... but not the toilet. 

Grey: I don't like dry pineapple! I like them wet!

Grey singing: Walkin in a winter wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder land. 

Liam: We're having lime?!
Grey: I love lime!
Dash: Good thing I don't have my canker-chief anymore. [He's thinking of canker sore]

Grey: I wanted the blue ooooooone. [wails for five minutes]
Grey: Oh yeah, I like all the colors. That means I like pink too!

Katie: Oo, lets change your diaper, Wren. Grey, I'll be back. 
Grey: On Christmas Day!

Katie: I'm sorry you have a sore throat, honey. 
Dash: Or maybe my nerve broke. 

Mimi: Hey are you all dressed?
Grey: no, I'm grey!

Dash: Stockings! That must mean we were good this year!
Pompa: Were you worried?
Dash: Well, I was a little bit naughty.

Friday, December 30, 2016


Now for lots of videos. Just like with the photos, we'll start out several months ago and work our way forward.

This girl goes in phases of loving or hating her bath. Also, you can see Wren's flat spot when she looks more forward.

When Dash and Liam first learned how to do the monkey bars!

Tag with dad

Brothers interviewing Wren.

She dives in!

Approaching the suspended Wren.

The little Father's Day video we made for Sean.

It's so nice when siblings play together

His little blurb during Sean's residency graduation

Always danincing.

How kids say goodbye.

This is a funny, long video Liam made as a house tour while we were packing. I like learning what is important to him to show or say. And it was nine minutes that we could do moving stuff without kid interruption!

Slow-mo bubbles

An armadillo in a kiddie pool.

Austin's triumphant return from his mission!

Aw, Wrennie's first video!

Future track stars.

Giggles during a long drive.

Star Wars makes car trips better.

Oh how I wish this wasn't blurry.

Shake those hips, Dash!

Wiggle, Liam, wiggle!

Having some fun with their great uncle Brian.


"[motor sound]"

"uh oh"


Life's about the simple things.

How Grey does mini-golf.

Spin that nose!

Baby giggles are the very very best.

Who can spot the Grey?

Try this, it makes your tongue really tired.

Just a few minutes of Wren playing.

reverse scream.

Maraca Baby.

First grade concert! My boys are diagnally behind the girl with the red top and pink skirt.

She's so silly and chatty.

Dance, dance, dance.

A snake!

Just lazing around in the bathroom.

A boy in a partially made Halloween costume, trying out his brother's bike.

She walks!

Kissing orangutan (with cousins!)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Oh my, so many instagrams

I have sooo many photos to share! Starting way back in March! When we were still in Minnesota. Wren was still in a helmet. Grey wasn't in school yet. The twins were in Kindergarten. I'm not even going to do videos now, I'll put them in their own post. Buckle up for the ride!


I love you, you little helmet-head.

The daylight savings transition- it's rough.

Grey's first visit to Smaland. Time for an ikea date.

Consuming their spoils from a very overpopulated Easter egg hunt. They got to collect two eggs! Wow! (It was still fun)

Prepping for Easter baskets

Happy Easter!

||eight months|| Two-thirds of a year! *Two teeth came through on her bottom gum *Separation anxiety is strong with this one *Still very tolerant of her helmet, only complains when I'm putting it back on after her break hour *Does several days of sleeping through the night then several days of not, then repeat *Takes two good naps a day *Loves watching her brothers but doesn't love when they get in her face *Becoming more interested in food, gnawing on things, though still thinks it's pretty weird *Thankfully, the blowouts are much less frequent *The signs of wanting to crawl are there *Loves mommy and daddy the best! 


Conference is extra exciting when you watch outside. 

These pjs were my favy faves when all my boys wore them. It still works for a little girl, right? Please?

Time to read!

Back from a quick (and windy! and cold!) trip to Fargo. Now everyone can check ND off their list!

Hotel pools πŸ™ŒπŸ»

So what if I wait until spring to clean up leaves?

To sunglass or not to sunglass?

It was so friggin perfect today. (But yes, the water was cold)

Peeking under the rim

Brother bonding at recess


Discovered her sleeve button. Super safe.


Apparently wren hates rainbows. I'm interpreting this situation correctly, yes?


A little visit to Stillwater this weekend.


Oh my.


|| nine months || (okay, I'm a couple days late) Wren has such a cute personality. She's chatty and smiley and big on waving. She enjoys her brothers' attention so long as they are not smothering her. She still loves mommy and daddy best and dislikes when we leave her presence. Real food has gained an important place in her life. She scooches her way to her goal, generally to find something to stick in her mouth. She should be done with her helmet by next month. Sean wants me to make sure you know that she is stinkin cute. 


Nine years, baby!


Quick walk tucked into the list of Things To Do.


Water overhead, two ways


Head Emancipation Day! She's done with her helmet!


Round head! Fluffy hair! Pretty bow!


To all the nurturers out there but especially to this one, thank you for teaching us how to be good people and show love. Happy Mother's Day!


My peeps, my day


My birthday boys! Six looks good on them.


When this boy wants to be sweet, it's syrupy and delicious.


"This is you and this is daddy but he's angry. It's the day you got married!" - The artist, Grey


I always feel guilty when I have to wake this sweetness up.


That time grey got called up to help in the school magic show- that magician did not know what he was in for. Grey was very entertaining, I'll give him that much.


The kindergarten music concert. It was loud, enthusiastic, and really hard to understand the words.


A captivated wren at the hibachi grill. Love those entertaining chefs!


Learned some cpr at the bike rodeo. Grey had impressive form.


Ra ra ra-ra-ra, goooooo... zebras?


Stop it, you.


|| ten months || Helmet, be gone! Hair bows, come forth! While her head isn't completely, perfectly round, it was unlikely to get much better in a short period of time, so we called it quits. After a day of extra head bumps, she's now used to a free head and enjoys rubbing her forehead on things. • In other news, she loves all food and always wants to take part. • She's still a scoocher and can get around anywhere she wants; however, she's getting up on her knees a lot and I think it's only a matter of days until she puts the two together for a legit crawl. • She sleeps all the way through the night now from 8-9pm to 7-9am. • Wren loves laughing with her brothers as long as they are at least a foot away. • Sometimes I swear she's repeating our words, like "hi," "bye bye," and "love you," but I think I might be a little imaginative. Nonetheless, she is certainly chatty. I think she may be channeling a lion cub with the way she roars! • She charms everyone with her smile and wave. If you're lucky, you might even get double wave! 


Enjoying the view with a friend.


View from the hammock


On the day we moved in three years ago, this incredible woman showed up at my door with bread and an offer to watch my kids while we unpacked. A couple days later I mentioned doing something with a friend to my sister, who asked "how do you have a friend already?!" It's because this woman is the embodiment of love and acceptance. We bonded over photography, motherhood, the gospel, and sushi. I knew this dreaded day of parting would come soon but then she had to go move first, making it that much sooner. Farewell, beautiful lady, I've saved a spot for you in my heart! 

Bye bye, Harpers!


Blackberry massacre


Graduation night, date night! (He's not done yet, it's like a pre-graduation?) 


I thiiiiiink their eyes are turning green! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ‘πŸ‘


Perfect day for the highly anticipated Track and Field Day! I volunteered to help with the other two kids with me- I only lost track of grey twice. πŸ‘


A helpful brother


Little girl, big hill


She looks at me and I melt 😍


Last day of kindergarten! These faces show their mixed emotion: mostly very excited but just a little bit sad.


You too can achieve this height in your style in just four easy steps:
(1) Rub watermelon juice liberally all through your hair. (2) Pat with water. (3) Towel dry. (4) Comb out when stiff peaks form.


Happy Father's Day, Daddio! Remembering our bouncy ball fights, road trips (like going to the fffffffffflume), and seeing all those super popular car dealerships. We should go on a trip to spot not sometime, to not the spot and snot the pot.


Happy Father's Day! We all adore you.


He's done! With residency! There aren't enough explanation points in the world to do this fact justice!


Took a break from packing to pick some berries.


View out the window


Thanks, little white house, you've served us well. Now, we're off! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


I miss Minnesota already. Highlights of the move prep: - sweet, kind people helping watch my kids and bring us meals while we packed. - Sean's parents coming out to help and drive back a car (with pogo!)
- hiring movers to load the truck. It took 20 man-hours! 😱
- taking one of the movers to the hospital when he cut his finger on the truck πŸ˜–
- wren taking a nice long nap when we got. stuff. done.
- wren crying non-stop once she woke up when we got things done slowwwwwly
- aiming for 3pm departure and actually leaving at 7:30. Whoops. At least we were able to see one last MN sunset.


I had grand intentions of photographing all my many important people and didn't get most of you. So if you're not pictured here, do not feel bad, I still love you. Minnesota really is filled with the nicest people. I have been loved and served by so many. Thank you for being a part of our lives! Come on over to visit!


The process of moving


The tread flew off our tire! Well, let me back up. After driving on some rough roads, are car would shake violently at high speeds. We couldn't figure out why despite several stops and adjustments. Until the tire decided to show us what was wrong. Worry not! We located the spare (middle of the car!) changed out the tire with a nice guy who pulled over to help, took it to the Walmart tire center 15 minutes before closing, and got a new tire out on. All in all, a three hour delay but it ended up okay.


|| eleven months (ish) || Wren's getting good at everything. She's finally getting the hang of knee crawling but still defaults to the army crawl inevitably. Eats everything except spice. Remember how she used to never stand? Now it's hard to get her to bend her knees at all. Never wants to be set down unless there's something REALLY cool on the ground. Sleeps great and may be transitioning to one nap a day. Two top teeth are peeking through. Says "hi" and "dada" with meaning. Favorite places include the hammock, swing, and her high chair. Still a chatty, smiley charmer! #monthlywren


Waiting for fireworks. The view from the hill was perfect.


Throwback to our dinner on the sidewalk outside Walmart while we replaced our tire last week. The kids were amazing through it all, even the biting flies that attacked as we put on the spare.


A week after we moved to Minnesota, our old little Honda Accord was caught in flooded water, never to drive again. A week after moving to Colorado, our Trailblazer's engine went up in smoke while trying to climb a mountain pass, never to drive again. We better sell our cars next time we move! Or never move again!


The reason we were driving over a mountain pass (where the SUV met its demise) was to head to a Bradley reunion with Sean's parents, sister, and niece. Breaking down where we did, we got to spend the night in beautiful Dillon. What a great pool view! Lots more reunion photos to come! πŸ“·: seanie


Thrilled pool boy.
Incidentally, I had all four kids at the pool without Sean and no one drowned. Pat myself on the back.


First time fishermen



Slack line


Hiking on the edge


These guys were fantastic at Bryce Canyon


Feeding the daredevil chipmunk


Three boys, three sleeping bags, one futon. Each night had an increasing amount of encroachment, but it worked!


Wren's crib fit barely and perfectly in the closet for extra quiet. (Last photo! Hurray reunion!)


The four of them, just hangin


Happy birthday, my love!


A little birthday hike


One more Garden of the Gods photo


We ran out of fruit snacks.


Prisma app is pretty cool


Mah face


Balloon bunny grey


How to get to daddy through the glass... πŸ€”


Grey is still talking about how he liked to sit with great grandpa


Tied for first


Mini golfing with the minis.


Met a new friend at a library party


Quality bubble solution


A minion on his head and five straws in his water make for a very pleased Grey


Some balloons for the Almost Birthday Girl


Good night, Wren, when you wake up you won't be zero anymore!


|| twelve months || A whole year! Whoop whoop! Wren has accomplished so much in her little life. She now pulls up to standing often and sometimes cruises along the edge. She has nearly six teeth, the original two on bottom and three-almost-four on top. Words include Hello (hewo), Here You Go (heygo), and Thank You (dayoo). Her wave makes everyone swoon. Definitely a one-napper now and sleeps fantastically. Eats amazingly as well. She's a sweet thing. Happy birthday, girl! 


All playing together and no one's mad. Yet.


First day of first grade in a new school!


First morning sans biggest brothers and this was the requested activity.


The first day was a success! (And selfies are hard)


Easy science experiment: skittles + warm water


When you're sick, you just might fall asleep on the floor at 9am, halfway under a bed.


Any time I want to take his picture, he becomes a blurry bundle of wiggles. But when it's his idea? Cheese!


Oh Delicious Peach, I have MISSED you! (There's probably amazing peaches somewhere in Minnesota, but I never found them)


Visited daddy's work today. Too bad that means it ends with a couple shots in the thigh.


I'm sorry, but this silly face could make me laugh for the rest of my life.


Towering above me


It's no fun to say goodbye.


Our annual Ferris wheel ride. Love fairs/festivals/carnivals! Briarfest!


First day of preschool...


  • It must be genetic

  • A little giraffe spit never hurt anyone

  • Skepticism

  • Baby problems

  • On a scale of 1 to Watching A Truck Pour Cement, how was your day?

  • Primary program practice- Grey actually talked into the microphone!

  • Hiking buddy

  • Gradient

  • We put wren in too but... she felt a little boxed in. πŸ˜‚

  • Gotta hydrate

  • Show off


The kids experienced their first football game yesterday with everyone from Sean's clinic. I think they most enjoyed the constant snacking.


Crocodile tear


A moment


Liam somehow managed to put on wrens winter coat. Color me impressed.


Seizing the fiery foliage


My handsome first graders


This little lady turns 17 today. I would never have predicted she'd make it this far but she proves me wrong once again. She's old and creaky yet amazingly agile when it comes to sneaking food off the table. Happy birthday, my Pogo!


Mini golfing with a glow


It was an epic drama


That colorado sky

On the day Pogo died, I wrote: 

There's something pure about the love shared between a pet and her family. I've been lucky in have that over half my life with Pogo. My precious old pup passed away during the night. I could tell it was coming and I'm glad her spirit is free to run and jump and play again. But I'll sure miss her. I love you, Pog.




Up high, down low


Found this cute little face amidst the fluff of an oversized winter coat


Trying out the convertible in Florida last week. It got a liiiiittle windy for grey.


Ready to play "where's wren?" any time, any place.


They aren't real flames on the tree but I can still feel it's warmth.


She's electric!


Crèche 2016


Captivated by the Festival of Lights parade over the weekend


Hot chocolate mustache AND unibrow