Saturday, February 21, 2009


When Sean was a little boy, he wanted to be a dinosaur. Yes, BE a dinosaur. So it was only natural that Adult Sean wanted to go to a dino museum. Especially when we heard that the museum at Thanksgiving Point is the largest one in the world.

I just heard all of you say, "Really??" That's what I thought, too. So on President's Day, we checked it out.

Please be nice to my pictures, it's stinkin hard to take pictures in a museum, what with all the glass and dim lights. I definitely could have used a big tripod.

I think this is a brittle star fossil. There were some weird shadows and glares that I could figure out how to get rid off, so I just made it look cool. Do you think it looks cool?

What can I say, Sean and I have a very juvenile sense of humor.

Pretty cool formations caused by lightening striking sand. Do you remember Deep South Glass from Sweet Home Alabama? Yeah, it's like that.

This is some nifty lookin' rock. I didn't have steady enough hands to prevent blurriness, so I just smudged it all to make it look kinda neat.

I want to meet this guy, I think he'd be a hoot.

Wicked teeth. And a cool swim cap.

Neat seashell fossil things. They're neat.

Back off! Chomp chomp.

I look a little nervous, don't I. Who wouldn't be after seeing Night at the Museum, right?

Duck and cover!

That dude has a lot of skeleton.

Twas an historic battle of epic proportions.

Sean wanted to make sure that we got a picture of this pleasant diorama.

I think I would have liked this guy, too. He has nice looking eyes. Erm, eye holes.
***Sean just informed me that those holes aren't for eyes. Shows how much I know.

Imagined being approached by this toothy guy with those crazy wing arms. Yikes!

Guess what this is, guess! Super ancient basketball? Miniature moon? Nope, it's an egg. A cool sphere egg. Nifty neat.

Whoooa, duuuude, a sea turtle! Totally righteous!

Gigantor fish. Be very afraid.

How artistic of this fish to die on this big leaf, I appreciate it so very much.

I just don't understand this skull. I does not make any any any sense.

An ancient whale. I think I prefer our current whales. Oo, do you see that scary reflection in the corner?

Sean stabbed that mammoth! I think I'd be that guy on the hill- stand faaaar away and throw rocks. That's the ticket!

Monday, February 16, 2009


What did we do on our day of love?
  • Perused a few stores and bought each other whatever it was that we decided we wanted (both happened to be shirts. On sale shirts, no less)
  • Ate lots and lots of chocolates.
  • Purchased Macaroni Grill To Go and had a little living room picnic! Mmm, bruschetta. Mmm, no waiting. Mmm, comfort of home.
  • Built ourselves one blubbery snowman. A blubbery, myopic snowman. The snow wasn't very sticky, so we piled, packed, and carved (rather than the typical ball rolling and stacking). It worked well enough, don't you think?
  • Watched our wedding reception video again. What a perfect day that was!

And a perfect Valentine's!

I wanted to show some of the fun I've been having with photoshop the past couple days. Here are some of my favorites.Here's Katie and Smokey, the LOST monster. We took this at Dillingham Ranch on Oahu, where they film the jungle scenes for LOST. Luckily, we caught Smokey out of his trailer and he was kind enough to pose for us.One of the awesome pictures Katie took of pineapples. I don't know if she's posted this one already or not.Flowers at the Lai'e Temple. Too cool. I made up a campaign poster for '12. I've got trendy catchwords and an electrifying image. Vote for me...?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

toga party

My magnificently smart husband was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi tonight and I accompanied him to his inaugural dinner. For a small fee. Uh, a not so small fee.

We saw Sean's second cousin, Quentin, there. And we saw the Dixons, though I lost track of where they went and didn't get to say hi to them. Hi Dixons!

Bummer of the night was that the food wasn't so great. But I had a fun time taking pictures and laughing with my hubby.

Look, I curled a strand of hair for the occasion. Special.

Interesting centerpiece: vase filled with water, a few pebbles, and a lovely little ribbon. Hmm.

A luscious salad made of lettuce and... a slice of tomato. I must admit, though, the ranch dressing was very pleasant.

The carrots and potatoes had some weird herb taste. But the chicken was glazed with an apricot sauce, I think. Tasty.

I forgot to take a picture of the dessert. Probably because I didn't like it. Can you believe that? I didn't like a dessert! AND it was chocolate. It was cake but had, what I call, a "vending machine brownie" taste. How disappointing.

Sean stood proudly as he was inducted into the society, while I gazed adoringly. Though I gaze in the way quite often.

And then, we left. So we could watch LOST. Definitely the right choice.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When animals attack!

On Saturday, we went to a ward activity at BYU's life science museum. We did a scavenger hunt AND saw a cool reptile show. And then, and then, and then... we went "backstage" to see all the reptile cages! Whoopie! Fun times had by all!

That's a SNOUT!
I love how this looks, what cool fur!
Sean's a curious kid.

Eye popping

Heeee! heeheehee!

I'm pretending my head's mounted on the wall too. Can't you tell?

Quite the stunt man! I mean, stunt skunk.
Ack! Run!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Updation (like Update, but with tion)

1) Cardinals lost, sad. But they put up a good fight! Excellent performance for their first SB appearance. (Hey, sean's SB too! It can stand for so many things: superbowl, strongbad, super belly...)

2) Our washing machine (shared by the other apartments in this building) had been emitting an odor, recently, that could probably have induced vomiting. Sean discovered the source. A frog. A very dead, very thoroughly washed frog. The front-loader has some folded plastic to seal the door (see picture, by that little water puddle) and the poor little amphibian must have gotten stuck in a fold. From where did this frog come? I don't think I've ever seen one in Utah. Perhaps it was some innocent pet? Sean actually touched it before he knew it was a frog and practically flipped out from the gooeiness of it. And gave him the willies for the rest of the night (me too, and I didn't even touch it!). I know at least one of our loads must have been washed with said frog inside the machine... ugh.

3) I went to a new mother's meeting (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT) that our stake provided- since it's likely that some day in the future I'll be a mom, I thought it would be helpful. But then a nurse started talking about miscarriages and all the talk about blood made me sooo woozy and light-headed. What is WRONG with me? Why does anything blood-related pull my consciousness right out of me? It's super annoying!

4) Sean and I made a choclate strudel. It turned out... pretty good. Next time, I need to put more layers of phyllo on the outside so it'll keep it's structure. And I won't use hazelnut, it's a bit too overpowering. Some other nut perhaps...

5) We went out for sushi this weekend. Delectable! The more I have it, the more I like it. My favorite is the Philadelphia Roll. What's your favorite?
Well, I still have the willies from that frog story. Yowsers!