Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grey's First Hot Tub

With it being so cold in Colorado, we had no other choice but to dive into the hot tub.
Grey's first experience proved very enjoyable.

Just like it has for his brothers before him.

It's never a bad day if it's spent in the hot tub.

Even if you get snowed on in the process. Especially if it's snowing.

Oh mercy, I can't handle that face. Adore that kid.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Snow

We arrived in Colorado last week and what did it do? Snowed.
Shoulda brought winter coats.

But we got to try snow-catching again, something we haven't been able to practice since our last CO trip.

But when the snow gets in your eyes, the enjoyment dies down.

And if you're Grey, you're just thinking, "what the heck?" the whole time.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Wedding day

This little lady's getting married today.

Happy wedding Rachel!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Look what I made!

Our home has kind of a confusing entrance, so for the people coming to look at our home, I needed to make a welcome sign. With some wood from a branch Sean cut down and some carpet tacks, we have an official "hello."

And this guy kept me company as I put in place. Too bad I can't keep him out there to greet all our visitors- no one would ever want to leave!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kyle's Visit to the Beach

Grey had his first visit to the beach!

Oh the sand. The sand kept him busy the whole time.

grey eats sand
Particularly, its consumption. So many handfuls, always the same reaction.

Me, eat sand? Never.

sandy hands and feet
It took all day to get that sand off him.

Liam and Dash enjoyed the beach so very much.

They'd get wet in the cold cold water...

Then a little sunbathing to warm up.

Followed by shivering and begging to be covered up.

In between cold dips, they helped build Mordor.

Pretty impressive mountains, right?

Props to Kyle on the fantastic Black Gate and to Sean on the brilliant Barad-dur. These guys missed their life calling.

Kyle's Visit to the Rockets

Sean's brother Kyle had a conference in the great city of Houston and so we had the honor of spending a day with him.
First stop, Rocket Park!

My kids did not them a break from parenthood. No, no, he was the assistant daddy.

Hey, this is cool.

Only Liam took his role as astronaut seriously.

Kyle stepped in to show them how it's done.

And then the rocket park becomes an obstacle course.

Also, Grey is adorable.

Beach time, coming up!

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Kids Do Weird Things

Shirt hoods...

Eye coloring...

Puzzle eating...

Good thing I like weird.

Friday, April 19, 2013

From 6 to 7

Little Man is 7 months tomorrow! Oh and BY THE WAY we got his stats a MONTH ago so I may as well finally tell you FINALLY. When he was six months, he was 17.5" tall (72%) and 16 lb 9 oz (34%). Where'd my chunker go? And anyway, where'd my baby go- he's been learning so much! Let's see...

He's a star sitter, I can leave him at any point and be relatively confident he won't smack his head. So different from his brothers when I had to hover around them for months.

Eating! We tried some vegetables for a bit but he would just gag-face the whole time. So we took a break over a few days (by which I mean that I, ahem, forgot. What? He didn't like it, it wasn't a priority! Stop judging). We we tried again, he ate the whole container! And he has every day since. As long as it's orange. No green vegetables, no sir.

He has TWO teeth. The first popped on the 12th, the second was yesterday the 18th. I think I may stop letting him suck on my chin now.

SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Woot woot! He did it on his own a few months ago but it was a fluke. Then we did it again a couple days after he started eating his vegetables. So Sean and I decided to keep it going. We let him cry a bit the next night with a couple binky/lovin' checks and he was back asleep in just 15 minutes. Nothing for the rest of the night. Since then, there's been various amounts of waking (nothing terrible) and we haven't had to feed him during the night. So he gets about 12 hours at night and it's BEAUTIFUL.

Now he's a Two-A-Day Napper. This came about by his complete and utter refusal to take a third nap. And if he did, it would last a minute. Literally. A minute. Luckily his awake time was lengthening too so we made it work. Sometimes he takes a third if he woke up too early in the morning and one of his regular naps wasn't good, but it takes work to get him down. The two naps are usually pretty good, 1.5 hours ish. He sleeps terribly anywhere besides his crib though. In the car seat, stroller, held, never more than 30 minutes of sleep. Church is sure tricky.

Child does not want to stay in one spot for long. It's hard to get through my morning workout if I don't get to it before he wakes up (and let's face it, the workout needs to happen because this baby weight is not budging. I think my body is trying to prepare for hibernation).

A bit of separation anxiety is creeping in over the last couple days. Usually when Sean or I leave his line of sight, the crying begins. Sometimes he'll get really sad while Sean's holding him and can see me, only perking up when I snatch him. Do we have a Mama's Boy on our hands?

Poor kid looks so scared when he poops now. With all this non-milk food, he's not just passing goop. I hope he gets used to it soon?

Wants so bad to scoot but so far only spins or goes backward. Soon enough.

People say it's better to have twins first so you don't realize how hard you have it, raising two at once. Well, I knew it was hard. All twin moms know they have it harder. I think the benefit of having twins first is that having a subsequent singleton is just such a treat. "Ah, so this is what 'easier' is like." I went on a walk with Grey the other day, just him and me. That hasn't happened before. It was calm and sweet. And I got a glimpse at what it would be like to have just one baby. I was a mother of one for eleven minutes before I was a mother of two. So it was a weird feeling to walk down the street and just focus on this one babe. It felt so simple. I love my busy life with my three energy generators (aka little boys), but of course a little simplicity now and then does a mommy good.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Visit's End

As it always must, my parent's visit came to an end. And although it's nice (sooo nice) to put Grey back in his own room, we sure do miss them.

We miss sharing cereal, we miss showing off our special skills for Grandma and Grandpa, we miss the babysitting. Did you know they watched the kids while I went grocery shopping by myself. It was so easy.

But most of all, we miss all the extra love. So we're sending you a little more- love you mom and dad!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photos in the Garden

At the end of my parents visit, we were able to attend Bree's baptism! Afterward, we went to the nearby Arboretum for pictures.

A fish pond is always great entertainment.

It entertained all why we figured out where the heck to take pictures.

And I took pretty pictures.

Until my mom reigned me in to get to the people pictures.

Can't pass up a bench swing.

Found a spot! Mom and Dad with their Texas family.

Now all the Texas grandkids. I always thought it was funny how my grandpa would never smile in photos, now my dad has taken up the torch.

Our family. Poor, excluded Dash.

A close-up to make up for it. I love you, kid.

I have a baby!

I love him.

He cracks me up.

The little hedge maze was a big hit.

Aw. Mom got this pose to happen.

The twinner cousin got his feet wet.

Can't pass up a non-swinging bench either.

Janisen studying a cool bug.

Rhuelin thought it was so funny when Grey would snatch his glasses.

Happy family!