Friday, March 30, 2012

15+ Weeks

I had another check-up this week. Just a few questions and a quick doppler (such a reassuring sound). I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow. It's amazing how swiftly these weeks are going. With the boys, I was just so anxious for my mom life to begin, I was counting every moment. Now I'm in my mom life and I'm quite in the moment. Since I'm not thinking, "oh my goodness, today I'm 13 weeks 3 days!" "wow, today I'm 13 weeks 4 days!" etc etc, the weeks just flow by. This pregnancy is much calmer, probably given the fact that I know what to expect and I don't spend my time pondering life with double the babies. Though, now, instead of wondering how I'm going to go grocery shopping with two infants, I'm left to wonder, how AM I going to shop with three kids? Predicament...

Things look perfect with the baby. Next month we'll have the fateful gender-discovery ultrasound! I'm feeling about the same still- not much change marked the transition to the second trimester. Still tired, still have a low appetite. The only addition is lots more headaches, which is less than awesome. And I am, of course, larger of belly, which truly is awesome.

The boys have had a rough week being sick. They're bouncing back now, just having their moments here and there. I think Dash may have an ear infection but probably not something the doctor would treat with medicine (according to Dr. Sean) since it only seems to bother him when we poke at it. (the boys have been saying "doctor" and it's really really cute. "dah-doh, dah-doh").

The idea of having a new sibling is still a bit over their heads but they have been noticing all the babies we see in pictures. They say "baby" really well and really sweetly, it gives me hope that they'll like the little guy/gal.

Sean's started his Family Medicine rotation and it's really close to home. We love the ten minute (rather than 45 minute) commute. Love is not strong enough of a word. And doesn't he have the most perfect eyes?

Sean's been considering the idea of going into Pediatrics for a residency. So he's having an internal battle between Radiology? Peds? Radiology? Peds? I'm actually relieved he's considering it because, golly,  he finally is considering it. Pediatrics seems such a natural course for him, something for which he'd be completely well-suited. Before he just sort of shrugged it off. But he began proctoring with a pediatrician in January and realized how fun it is and how nice it would be to have a continuity of patients as they grow up. He has a Peds rotation next and he'll soon have to make a decision. What will it be? We shall see...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

For the Kids

Recently, we went on a trip to the Children's Museum (it was open this time, hurray!). The first thing Dash did was plop down on the floor and look at the map. Attaboy, orient yourself and then explore!

As we explored, Liam was very anxious for his daddy to make a pulley system, which he expertly produced.

Dash got to drive a police car.

Aaaaand so did Liam!

Then the boys logged their opinions about various life issues. They disliked everything. Perhaps only because  the "like" slot was a foot taller than them. I wouldn't like that either.

They got to peddle some big kid bikes. And by peddle, I mean scrape the footholds with their tiptoes.

We found a place full of little experimental zones that, while Sean thought it was cool, was a little beyond our toddler's capacity. Though Dash did like adjusting this light circle.

So up to the toddler zone we went! Lots of wonderful toys within easy reach. Better.

Liam figured out that if he just held on to his toys forever, his mom wouldn't pester him to share when another kid started to show interest. Clever.

Which is more fun to do with the car ramp: line up the vehicles or climb aboard yourself? Depends on which boy you ask.

And suddenly our day visit is done and we return home for lunch and naps. What a splendid place.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winter Accessories

The boys are sick again- a yucky cold of sorts. Liam was worse on Monday but still a bit perky. Dash was miserable yesterday. I don't think I've cuddled him that much since he was an infant. Let's hope today everyone's on the mend so they can get back to doing silly things like this:


When they ask for their gloves and hats, even if they've just stripped off the rest of their clothing, I just go with it. Because look at how much fun my little munchkins have.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012


What's this? Why are these boys' heads wrapped up?

Was there some sort of injury? A bad haircut to obscure?

"No sillies! It's a Swim Diaper Hat! I think it'll be the newest thing, they're incredibly comfortable. Not to mention stylish!

"[sigh] It's so hard to be a trend-setter these days."

Friday, March 23, 2012


Liam and Dash have such a volatile relationship. Sometimes the lead each other around hand in hand, finding each other's sippy cups, sharing their cars. Other times... he took my toy! He is my mortal enemy! I see you there, let me whack your head before you can steal any of my things!
At this moment, these two make a great team.

Dash pulls the animals out of the bag...

...and Liam lines them up just so.

Until the patience wears down and Dash just has to get his hands on those toys! Temporary teamwork is good enough for now.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How's Nursery Going?

How's nursery going, you ask? Pretty splendidly, I must say. Liam and Dash really like playing with all the new-to-them toys and hanging out with the other kids. Sean or I drop them off and as long as they start out with a snack, we can sneak out pretty easily. But they don't let us leave if they're watching- then the tears flow quickly. Since I'm Primary Chorister, I come into the nursery in the middle and sing songs with the kids for a while, so it's really nice to come see them. Then I have to wait until they're doing something super fun, like puzzles, before they'll let me leave. When I come to pick them up, the bubble machine is usually going and more than once I've found them laying on the ground next to a friend, letting the bubbles pop on their faces. Too sweet.

They've always had good reports from the leaders. One of the boys tried to take off his pants this past week- that's the extent of the bad news I've received since they've been in there. Now, I'm sure they've learned a few undesirable traits from that little class of toddlers. I'm pretty sure that's how they learned to push each other. And the number of colds they've contracted has tripled. But hey, they've got to be around other kids sometime, right?

The worst part is how Sundays massacre their sleep. This is completely due to the time our church starts: 1pm. That's, you know, about when their nap usually starts. We try putting them down early and sometimes they do sleep (and I never have the heart to wake them up early, so we're often late to church) but sometimes they sure do not. That only happened twice before the time change, when one of their random take-a-long-time-to-fall-asleep days happened to be Sunday. Then they started taking forever to fall asleep every day ON TOP OF the time change and there's just no way. I fear they may never sleep on Sundays again.

Well, actually, a little sleep does happen. On the drive home from church. We'll try and bring them inside still asleep, but only Liam has managed to remain unconscious.
So we let him sleep for a little bit. While Daddy stands guard against curious brothers and dogs.

And Dash acts like a manic happy-angry-happy-annoyed-HAPPY-frustrated toddler. And then Liam wakes up and joins him. The crankiness on those days is so not fun (although, their level of goofiness skyrockets to very entertaining levels, as well).

The things we do for church. Good thing it's worth it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Happiness Formula

Sometimes all you need is a pillow, a blanket, a few cars, and a best friend.



Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My kids have a wee bit of Irish heritage, so we all wore green on St. Patrick's Day. No pinching for us! Just hand holding. I like that tradition better.

We did a quick search for four-leaf clovers and came up short.

We were distracted by all the fun birds flitting around, chirping. They must have been Irish birds, celebrating their special day.

But we resumed our clover search after a while.

But nothing! I've never found a four-leaf clover, have you? I don't think they exist.

And we otherwise frolicked in the beautiful outdoors. I enjoy how Dash is showing off his knowledge and all Liam wants to do is stomp around to make his voice sound funny. I'm so lucky to have such fun kids. Must be the luck o' the Irish.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Brother Cuddle


There's going to be lots of brother bonding pictures coming up. Be prepared, it's cute.

Friday, March 16, 2012


This is how I used to find them after a sleep:

Now, it's this:

For the last week, it's been all about taking off the clothes. Luckily, they haven't tried it while out of the house. When they do it at home, they look so proud, look what I've accomplished! Dash has been the ring leader of this clothes-less revolution. I never find him still dressed in this crib and he's always leading the strip-down in the living room.

They've been good about keeping their diapers on (phew!). Although a couple days ago, I heard Liam make a really weird, stifled cry while he was supposed to be falling asleep for a nap. I went to check and he's standing up at the crib railing stark naked holding his diaper over the edge. Poor kid dirtied his diaper, took it off because he didn't want to sleep in it and then didn't know what to do. He didn't get a single thing in his crib messy, either.

I let them run around the house without their cute clothes as much as they so desire. But I hope it's a soon to pass phase, because, dudes, isn't that chilly? Brr!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's a Texas Thing

It's that time again: Rodeo time!

Dash and Liam were much more interested than last year (oh my goodness, look at that link- can you believe they were ever that little?). In fact, I think they really really enjoyed it. Despite the many throngs of field trippers. Boy howdy, were there so many field trippers.

We found huge cattle with giant horns (hook 'em, horns).

And other cattle who kept making eyes at us. Or maybe she was just scratching her face on the wire.

We got to pet little rabbits... but not giant fluffy rabbits like this guy. Who ever heard of a barrel-chested rabbit?

The Petting Zoo was the happiness clincher. Animals everywhere, all ready to be pet! And that's what they'd do, hold our hand and lead us around to each creature, which entailed pat each one once and move along. They've got ground to cover, man!

The boys would frequently point out the ones with grass hanging out of their mouths and would either giggle a little or try to find some for themselves.

This little marsupial (Kangaroo? Wallaby? I don't know.) induced a whole lot of hopping with the accompanying narration of "Op! Op! Op!"

I was literally scared this turkey would eat one of my children.

It was a legitimate concern since they'd stick their face in for easy pickin's.

Do you think this goat could see me? I was making faces at it and it didn't react. So I don't think he could see me. How does it even see anything properly?

In the Petting Zoo, I think Liam and Dash's attention was held in equal parts by the animals, the zillions of kids around, and the honking of the passing golf carts.

We ventured out into the carnival area too, where we tried a little fake farming exercise made for kids which, well, my kids couldn't care less about. BUT they did like the tractor at the end. Oh, my dad would be so proud! Little farm boys.

We walked around the carnival just to see some of the fun things going on and happened to catch the mutton busting just at the start of the event. Watching kids ride/flail off of sheep is just so darn entertaining. So entertaining that not a photo or video was taken of it- now that's something.

And a quick look in the funny mirror before heading home for naps. What a way to spend the morning.