Thursday, October 31, 2013


(I have lots of photos from the last few weeks but I've got to get this Halloween one on today!)
We always have pretty great Halloween costumes, right? First we were Nintendo dudes, next the cute little froggies, and then those airplanes! And this year? Well, we wanted to go the inexpensive route, which led us to buying... buying... pre-made costumes from the second hand store. Sigh. I feel like a failure. The boys didn't mind, they liked their costumes. But I minded. It's all about me. But we successfully saved money.
So, my "story" to these costumes is that I, Dr. Frankenstein, not only created my infamous green monster but also brought cartoon characters to life. Pretty fantastic, right? I know, not. But it made me feel better to have a "cohesive" story.

Liam really liked being Woody! (in a winter coat)

Dash really liked being Handy Manny! (in a winter coat)

Grey liked being Winnie the Pooh!

And Sean was born to be Frankenstein with those teeth.

We went to our ward's trunk-or-treat, where everyone had fun rolling down hills and begging for candy. But, also, do you see that big black splotch? Yeah, it's in every photo from that night (or the camera would just give me an error message). After later inspection, the shutter curtain is stuck. Upon talking to camera repairmen, I either need to spend lots of money to replace the shutter or just buy a whole new camera body, which might be more economical.

So much for saving money. I think this is going to be my Christmas and birthday present.

My poor camera. My heart hurts. (I have a backlog of photos, so you'll see more on the blog while we get this whole thing situated)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Phone Fun!

(sorry I posted this early without text!)
Phone 10/18/13
There it is, how the three boys roll in a two seat stroller.

Phone 10/18/13
Another walk to the snowman. Just as fun as before.

Phone 10/18/13
Which one of these boys ate the sand?...

Phone 10/18/13
Bass Pro Shop, you always provide a good time.

Phone 10/18/13
I look up from our book and Grey's sitting at the little kid table like a big boy. Growing up, sheesh.

Phone 10/18/13
Pumpkin Spice Donuts.

Phone 10/18/13

Phone 10/18/13
You don't see seesaws too often, these days, do you? Good thing, too, those things are a workout with a three-year-old on the other end.

Phone 10/18/13
Park with friends!

Phone 10/18/13
The kids and I went to Illinois for one last stay at my parent's house. Sean joined us at the end of the trip, once his vacation time ended. It was a fun visit, helping get the house ready to sell, visiting with old friends, going to church at the Gurnee building one last time.

Phone 10/18/13
And we went to Six Flags again!

Phone 10/18/13
My parents watched the kids for us for a few hours so we could go on the big kid rides and hang with the niece and nephew.

Phone 10/18/13
I think it was harder for me to say goodbye to the house than it will be for my parents when they move. I keep trying to convince them to take out this portion of the wall, but they're not budging. A photo will have to suffice.

Phone 10/18/13
My parents put the house up for sale a few days after we left and it sold within a week, with offers from four out of the five viewings. All their HGTV viewing paid off. So long, house of my childhood, you'll forever be a part of me.

Phone 10/18/13
Grey found a love for the carousel at Six Flags but that love was tested when he took a turn at the Mall of America's merry-go-round, sitting upon a bobbing horse. Two seconds of glee, two seconds of reaching for me, panicked. Stationary horses for him, for a while.

Phone 10/18/13
Last week, Liam had a nice series of vomiting just before bed, so he got to sleep with the barf bowl.

Phone 10/18/13
The next night was Dash's turn, Grey was mildly effected a couple days later. Amazingly they were all in good spirits. What good boys.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


There are a few other photographer ladies around here, so we got together to do a little family photo swap. It began raining during our tight window of availability so we used a backdrop in a garage instead. This one's the winner!

We tried some out from under-cover, and it better shows our silly family, but we're all a little too wergly to have this photo take the cake.

And my favorite outtake. (This is what Liam always does when we carry him. Seriously, stop leaning back, kid!)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Visiting the Snowman

On a walk: a boy in the back seat...

a boy in the front seat...

and a boy in the basket. But where are we going?

To visit the giant snowman! Trust me, that's him, with his lovely red scarf.

Everyone had to touch him.

Even hug him.

Even put his foot on him. (Liam insisted, I don't get it either)

Then there were walks along the fence.

While Grey gave the stroller a push (he gets so proud).

But then my boys come back to me.

Come, my love! Let us race back home, to return to Mr. Snowman another day.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sean's here

Sean's been off these last two weeks. It's been miraculous. I've seen him more than I have the last three months (and I'm not even sure if that's an exaggeration). With the surprise extra long days (working 13 hours instead of 10) and only one-day-weekends, we've been missing him and he's been missing us. So if we could just extend the next three days, somehow, magically, that'd be great.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a park and a love story

One Sunday morning before church, we took a little drive to see some fall colors. It was just a little too early to see it at its prime, but was nice nonetheless. We stopped at a park by the lake to perk the kids up. Now, as you look at these photos, let me share a conversation I have daily with Dash.

Dash: "Mommy, I love you." (delivered like he just discovered the fact)

Me: "I love you, too, Dash!"

Dash: "No mommy, you just say I love you."

Me: "I love you, Dash."

Dash: "I love you, too, Mommy!" I guess he wants to be the one who ends the conversation.

You'd think that I'd learn to cut out the middle but... I enjoy it too much. (Also, whenever someone new's around and they don't know how to act, Liam and Dash express their discomfort by wiggling around their tongue - like Liam's doing here. Interesting)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Magna Doodlers

Liam and Dash are getting better and better at writing letters and words.
Liam's always up for a little writing practice.

Dash only does it when he's in the mood.

Liam actually wrote "MOM" but it did make me say "wow!"

Happy face #1

Happy face #2. Makes me a happy mama.