Monday, September 26, 2016

Temporary Home

We've been in our rental for about a month and a half now. We still have about ten boxes that we need to unpack, filled with odd books, decorations, and tools. You know things that we don't need all the time so they're just sitting there while our motivation takes a vacation. We really enjoy our house with four bedrooms and a fun yard (that isn't a continuous slope like before!)... and Sean and I have a bathroom separate from the kids! Hurray! Except they use our tub. Since it's a big tub and that's obviously better. Interesting fact, our next door neighbor has three Saint Bernards (and maybe a golden retriever but I haven't seen it in a while, so maybe he was visiting). Luckily, only one seems kind of barky. Although, when there are any sirens in the distance, the chorus of howls from them and all the nearby dogs is quite impressive.

Our church ward is really lovely and has been so kind and welcoming to us. It's a very dense ward with small boundaries, like a Little Utah. And our across the street neighbors are SO NICE. Also, I have a Target five minutes away, in case you were worried about me.

Before we moved in, we were at Sean's parents' house for a little over a month. We had lots of fun adventures (since Sean wasn't working yet! It was so awesome), had my parents come for a visit (on a grand tour across the country), enjoyed time with Rachel and Ellie (thanks to the family reunion) and welcomed Austin home from his mission (after my in-laws toured Italy with him for a couple weeks).

Garden of the Gods is everyone's favorite. So much climbing!

My parents were here!

I did a little photoshoot for Rachel and Ellie, I've included some of my favorites.





(my kids have already named him "Baby Rufus")

Cousin bonding!

I think this is an accurate representation of the love and chaos we experience at all times.

Everybody loves Wren.

Wren says, "Thank you Mimi and Pompa for sharing your home with us!"

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hi, I'm Grey. Today, I'm four years old!

I'm so excited about it! And that's a pretty significant thing- I don't throw around my enthusiasm for just anything. I carefully choose my thrills and express myself appropriately, chiefly, shrill yells and kick hopping. I'm not easily swayed toward excitement if I haven't chosen it myself. I quite love Pokemon, snacks, and using the garage door code. I also enjoy Octonauts, Justin Time, chocolate, and silly play. I do not enjoy dinner (no matter the food content).

I can be a very sweet boy, volunteering my love for my family members and spontaneous sharing. At the same time, I can be pretty bothersome, really enjoying people's cries of annoyance. I hear that's a pretty typical dichotomy for my age. I can be very reserved when in new and uncomfortable situations, usually claiming to be "scared." To deal, I stay a bit withdrawn and decline participation. Once I get a little more comfortable, I start acting silly. So very silly. Like this:





I'm not one to do things in order to impress others. But I will do things in order to impress myself- indeed, I'm exceedingly thrilled whenever I do something impressive and will cheer myself. So sometimes it can get difficult to do lessons and such with me unless properly motivated (food!). But I do like to share experiences with people and will insist people, "come with me!" to see what I have to share. I'm learning all the time and love to be happy. Happy birthday to me!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Wren and her Cake

A month and half after the fact, how about I show you Wren enjoying her first birthday cake?

As these things usually go, the freshly minted one year old begins with a dainty approach.

In moments, however, all propriety is forgotten and cake shoving commences!

Step One: Unhinge jaw.

Step Two: Thrust filled fist into gaping mouth.


Don't forget to double fist it!

Wren's big brothers were all very excited for her birthday (and probably not JUST because it meant cupcakes). Listen to their commentary as you watch Wren's cake eating technique:

Grey didn't want the frosting or the cupcake bottom- I think he's pleased with his little cupcake pancake.

After a quick change and full body rinse, we turned to the presents.

Each brother gave her a book and they were eager for her to open them... so they could snatch them back and read it to themselves. Wren enjoyed it all. Happy birthday, little sweetie!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dog Park

These are pictures from a dog park. You might not think a dog park worthy of picture-taking, but this particular park near Sean's parents is worthy. I have evidence.

Exhibit A: There are dogs (in this case, Rufus) who like to run fast. Not a unique point but noteworthy nonetheless.

Flap those wings, Ruf!

Exhibit B: There are people we love at the dog park.

I love my people.

He loves his people, too.

Exhibit C: The long, tall grasses. You go in to recover a frisbee and you might never make it out!

Is he going to make it?!

Exhibit D: It gets some major evening light.

Even if it makes you squint...

IMG_2510e can't beat the glow.