Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday, Zoo-Style

I am now 26 years and one week old. That means last week was my birthday! Whee! As a means of celebrating, we went to the zoo.

Fish tanks are perfect for kids, so easy to find little interesting things to watch.

Liam's awfully friendly with that toothy crocodile. It's like petting Pogo, right?

After Dash had his turn, Sean told me, in all seriousness, we have to make sure to teach them to not pet crocodiles. Yes dear, I'll be sure to instill this upon them.

Sometimes it's hard to be short.

Liam and Mr. Komodo must be looking at the same thing.

Heehee, it's a monkey with a blanket.

Yay, birthday! (also, happy birthday, Lindsay, today!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


These little boys had their nine-month check up a month early. They needed to get the second half of their flu shot (for which they didn't even flinch!). Their stats are:

2 ft 4.75 in - 81st percentile
17 lb 4 oz - 11th percentile

2 ft 4.38 in - 71st percentile
16 lb 8 oz - 5th percentile

I've got some long lightweights.

What else are the boys up to?

It ain't no fun until they're crawling over each other

They're still content to scoot along on their bellies and are quite the speedsters when they're excited or focused. They also love to pull themselves to standing while holding our hands.

Playing with the shadows

Liam and Dash sure enjoy exploring new ground. I have to keep their door closed when I'm changing diapers to make sure the boy on the floor doesn't venture out to the stairs. I see them watching their wrists bend or moving their heads for different perspectives. They especially enjoy flinging themselves backward to see the world upside-down.

He's like a little puppy

They both cut a top tooth a day apart. It's like they're twins!

They're sleep is going much better. They're on a two nap schedule. If you would have asked me to try it during the holidays, I would have said the boys couldn't come close to staying awake long enough to manage that. But lo and behold, a couple days after returning from our vacation, they started taking longer and longer to get tired for naps pushing their bedtime so late. So we made the switch and everyone's happy. Now it's a ton easier to go out of the house for errands (or fun) since we don't have to fit everything into narrow wake-time windows. They've been great sleepers during the night. They wake up sometimes but it's been over a week since I've had to go in to help them go back to sleep. AND they almost always make it past 6am! The only problem is that they so often wake up 30-40 minutes into their first nap (one boy will awaken and his noise wakes the other). That's not enough sleep to make it three hours until the afternoon nap so I leave them in their cribs. They'll fuss for a long while but usually go back to sleep, but it's very frustrating. It's happened eight of the last ten days. What's worse is it messes up MY nap. Just kidding, that's not the worse part ;) I just want them to get good sleep.

Wow, I just went wild talking about sleep. It really does make or break the day. Any ideas on kicking the nap intruder?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Medical Student Husband

Goodbye classroom, hello hospital!

Sean began his rotations at the beginning of the month. So instead of spending all his time in a lecture hall learning how to be a doctor, he gets to try it out! Big improvement. He started in the Psychiatry rotation which seems to be a pretty good transition into clinicals. The psych ER has been interesting for him. Notice Sean not wearing a tie? He was told not to. For his own safety. Heh.

As much as Sean enjoys rotations, it does have it's costs. How about a compare/contrast.

Classroom Sean
Time: Lectures were always scheduled from 8am to noon monday through friday. Three or four days a week, he'd have some commitment in the afternoon (be it another class, visiting a proctoring doctor, etc.). But that still left at least one day a week when he could come home at noon, while most of the other commitments would send him home between 3pm and 6pm. PLUS... his morning lectures would be recorded so Sean could stay home and watching it streaming online. It was awesome awesome awesome when he'd do this :)

Study: Sean would have to spend a lot of his home time studying. It wasn't so bad the first year when subjects were a bit simpler and class blocks were really long (taking a day off from studying wasn't such a big deal). But as he was learning more difficult things and classes shrunk to three weeks long, he was studying like mad. Not to mention the huge basic science exam at the end of last term. I treasured the couple of days between finals and the start of new classes since I finally had a care-free Sean on my hands.

Interest: Sometimes, a subject is just boring. Or a teacher seems to have taken notes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Hospital Sean
Time: Well, there's definitely no wiggle room in Sean's schedule. It's like a job: you can't be late and there's no skipping. For Psych, he's scheduled for nine hours a day, M-F, plus he's on call every couple of weeks or so (on a Saturday or a weekday evening). And so far, the schedule's constantly changing (though it'll probably be more regular next month). It's frustrating for Sean because he sees the boys a lot less-usually just a couple hours in the morning or a couple hours at night. This also means I have less help with the boys. And less time with my hubby.

Study: This may change as his shelf exam approaches and with other rotations, but Sean has not had to study nearly as much. So despite less time at home, it's usually better quality time.

Interest: This is what you envision when you sign up for med school! Sean loves doing real work, meeting with real patients, gaining hands-on knowledge. Even in the psychiatric medical domain, one in which Sean won't likely end up, he's getting lots of exposure to medical needs and treatment options. Something that's rather boring to learn about in a lecture suddenly becomes exciting in a real life situation. Plus, he likes to tell me about all the drugs that are advertised on television. Did you know that most advertised anti-depressants are primarily anti-psychotics?

Overall, I'm really glad Sean is enjoying this part of medical school so much more. And I love the quality of his time at home. I sure wish he could spend more time with the boys but at least he has great quality time with them when he's here. Thank goodness his rotations started at this point in the boys lives. It used to be so hard to care for them by myself. But now that their sleep is better, they're a little more independent, and I've got a good routine going, it's not such a daunting task to care for them each day.

And he's such a sweetheart to me. For instance, last week Sean had a nine-hour day followed by hours on call. It was his first day without seeing the boys at all :( So it was a rough and tiresome day for him. Of course, I went and got a monster headache. When Sean came home at 11pm to a whimpering wife, he stayed up to rub my head until I fell asleep. Another day, he brought home flowers. I love that man.

I knew what I was in for when Sean applied to medical school. And I know he'll just get busier (surgery's going to be a doozy. And then there's residency!) but we'll take it in stride. Sean's doing so much so that he can provide for our little family and I love him for it.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I have some pretty spectacular photography assistants.

They do things like this:
Instead of putting some fancy logo on my pictures, I just include my kids' fingerprints as part of the photo itself! Genius!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Sometimes, Houston does get cold. And then we bundle up.


I think they feel stifled.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I took these photos a couple months ago to feature how well the boys share. But I neglected to post them. Luckily, they still do things the exact same way. Observe.

Dash, I think your turn's up. Mind if I have a turn?

I can't get enough of this thing.

Okay Liam, I'd like it back now.

Ah, I just want a nice long suck on these here toy-

Friendly reminder- MY TURN!

It's my turn now, right mom?

It seems that no matter what else is around them, the most enticing toy is the one with which brother is playing. Even if he's already playing with a duplicate.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sign of the Times

I have a feeling this is but a taste of what is to come.




And so it begins.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If you give these two eight-month-olds a toy and leave them to their own devices, much merriment will be had!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Back Home

While our two weeks with family were wonderfully wonderful...

IMG_3003ee's great not to live out of a suitcase anymore.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Boys decided to shoot a little pool.

Liam sizes up his cue. Needs a little chalk.

Wow, great break Dash!

Oo, scratch! Rats!

7 in the corner pocket.

Rack 'm up!

Liam and Gramps



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bradley Christmas 2010

The little Bradley Party of Four spent another week with family, this time with the rest of the Bradleys! The whole gang was there. Plus the Bradley great grandparents! Now that's a Bradley Bunch.

That meant Liam and Dash had a whole lot of people to play with them. And lots of fun new toys.

My little angel baby.

They sure enjoyed the centrality of attention paid to them. Often times, we adults just sat in a big ring around them watching them play. The best entertainment.

They enjoyed all the extra kisses, too.

Toys are so much more fun while being held.

What is that thing perched atop Uncie Austin's head? I've never seen anything like it!

But noses I know!

Those two, they're naturals.

Grandma/Meema was lovin on those boys. And the boys were lovin on her!

Binky fight!

Hey, nice new shirt, buddy!

Four generations.

Ah, so many people giving attention to the boys meant a little more relaxation for me. Twas a sweet treat. Then there was all the games, the yummy food, the bowling, soaks in the hot tub, a double date to see Tangled (jeepers, it was great to go on a date), and all the fun with family that made for one superb week!

P.S. Liam and Dash got to sleep in a closet. Pretty awesome. They slept fairly well in so much darkness, though they didn't like the lack of visibility as much when they awoke. But I sure enjoyed sleeping until 7:30am- way to go boys!