Monday, July 31, 2017

Two Years

Hi! I'm Wren! Today I turn two years old!

I'm such a grown up little girl! My parents are constantly surprised by all the words I can say. I most often talk about my family, where my parents and brothers are. "Daddy car?" "Lem outside?" "Gwey snack?" "Das 'stairs?" "Mommy home?" I repeat everything you throw at me. Most colors are labeled "boo." I like to talk about the "layee buh" and the "ummeen biwd" I see outside (lady bug and humming bird). I throw "oh!" all over the place and you should see how cute people think that is!

I'm full of silliness and sass. I walk around in silly, bouncy stomps. I pull faces all the time to showcase my double chin and wide wide eyes. I DON'T like to be messed with by my brothers and I loudly tell them so. In fact, I'm very loud with my opinions and frequently share them. But I do love it when my brothers giggle at something I do or say. And really, I do like to share with them and help them feel better when they are sad.

Actually, I really like to be wherever they are and follow them around most of the time. Though, let me tell you, for a very long time I refused to walk on the deck or go over any thresholds. No way no how. But I've gotten over that a bit. Still, I quite prefer being held and taken somewhere then traversing the path all on my own. I give excellent, persistent directions.

I eat wonderfully, especially fruits and sweets, not so much my veggies. I've really liked me some scrambled eggs lately. Snacks are big time loves. I also still sleep really great. Extremely rare is the night when I wake up crying and I'll sleep nice and long (summer has been great, no school schedules to work between). And I still take a good daily nap. High five from mom. I love cuddling soft things and wearing bows and trying on other peoples clothes and shoes. I'm curious about everything, just as I should be. I'm a sweetheart, I've been told. Happy birthday to me!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Geocache Planting

One crisp Saturday, we drove up behind Mount Herman, took a little hike, found a nice hiding spot, determined coordinates, and planted our very first geocache. Have you been geocaching? People all over the world hide fun little treasures and your job is to find it. Seriously perfect adventuring for our littles. Plus, we got to play in some mountain snow and traverse some boulders!