Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowy Story

This is the story of how we play in the snow.

I spend 5 to 10 minutes getting the socks, snowpants, boots, wrist-covers, coats, gloves, and hat on a child and send them clomping off into the chilled air.

Then I do it again. And again. And finally slap something warm on myself.

By that point, they've all settled in to a little snowy nook. They maybe do some snow angels, throw some snow balls, taste their surroundings...

Then someone gets some snow on their skin.

Or someone gets some snow thrown in their face. And they're done. My kids are so not cold-resilient. Most often, they're outside for less time than it took me to get everyone ready. Winter...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Closing Out the Twenties

Today is the last day of my twenties.

It's been quite a decade. I pretty much accomplished, or at least began, all my life goals. That's quite something. Let's see the details:

- I graduated with my Neuroscience Bachelor's degree from BYU.
- I married the smartest, handsomest, most wonderful man there ever was.
- I received my Masters of Neuroscience from BYU.
- I supported my husband through his bachelor's degree.
- Moved from Utah to Texas
- I got my first job as a scientist.
- Bought a house.
- I had twins!
- I've thus far raised those twins well.
- Became a stay-at-home mom.
- I learned and continue to improve my photography.
- I had another baby boy!
- I've thus far raised that boy well.
- I supported my husband through medical school.
- Moved to Minnesota.
- Continue to support my husband through pediatric residency.

How shall I finish out this grand span of ten years? How about one more exciting upcoming event (coming to you July 28 or thereabouts!):

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

King Rusty

I was looking through my photos and found this group that I can't believe I never blogged from the fall. And thus I present to you King Rusty and his mighty rule.

King Rusty: Enough of these kisses. I need entertainment.

King Rusty: Make. Me. Laugh.

Jester Dash: Hee hee, look at me, I have a cat on my shirt, yippee yipee!

King Rusty: Hmm, an honorable attempt. I commend you and your rhyming. But I need more silliness. Next!

Jester Liam: I have a blue crayon! and I'm going to color everything blue! so we won't be able to tell what's earth and what's sky! and we'll all just float around like noodles!

King Rusty: Ho ho! I like it, I like it very much, very clever indeed.

King Rusty: Well done, you have succeeded in elevating my mood. You may now approach with the leaves and commence this thing you call "playing." I hope it lives up to your hype.

Friday, January 9, 2015

It's cold outside


(Grey didn't even want to make an appearance)