Wednesday, April 22, 2009

rebel xs

As a graduation and 2nd anniversary present... we just bought this. It ships here tomorrow.


Monday, April 20, 2009

snow buds

Last week we had a nice little snowstorm. And by "nice," I mean "wicked annoying." I am so very done with the cold. But I'll admit, it was a fun juxtaposition of blooming trees coated in wet snow. It was an odd sensation to trudge through the slush while the scent of blossoms tickled my olfactory bulb.
The interesting scenery even distracted me a little during my walk up the Stairs of Death. Until the sting of the cold punished my nose as only winter could.

As much as I enjoyed the trees' new dressing, I was horrified to find this: These are our favorite trees in Provo. I don't know what they're called, I just know they're pretty and smell great. And apparently don't have the greatest root system. I thought this one might be salvageable, but hours later, the whole trunk had been cut up. So many of these types of trees had branches fall off from the heavy, wet snow.

So very sad.

But I made the most of it:I trimmed up of a few of the downed branches and made me a little flower arrangement! It's lasted almost a week already. I guess I should be thankful for the snowstorm.

But I'll scream if we get any more.


Poor Sean had a final at 7am Saturday, with another final right after the first one. So when Sean came home, he took a little nap. And then this happened:

Feet can't get any cuter.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've defended my thesis. And I passed! I have to do a few edits and then I'm dizzun (ghetto speak for done, for those who are confused... ahem, mom). I had about 10 people in audience for my presentation and I was very intimidated. But it turned out pretty darn well. And I'm oh so very close to graduating!

Today was also Sean's last day of class at BYU. How... unfathomable. And wowser exciting!

So now, I can update you on things! I know you've all been wondering...

Sean and I took some time to DYE EASTER EGGS! YAY!

We dyed a dozen and then hid them for each other Sunday morning. Easter egg hunts are so SAH-WEET!

Did you know that if you dunk the eggs in ice-cold water right after boiling, it prevents that unsightly green ring around the yolk? I just learned that. And it works. Except on one egg. Sometimes you can't change fate.

Here's the eggs. Just chillin (haha)
Finished products! So much creativity...
So much mess! After we were done with the dye, I dumped it down the sink and it stained the sink red. So I poured in some vinegar and scrubbed the sink with the scrub brush. It removed the dye off the sink!... and onto the scrub brush. Oops.

This is my favorite egg. Sean did it. It makes me think of a landscape. At sunset. mmm

Can I just say a few things about my incredible husband? He's been such a help to me in these last few stressful weeks. This morning, I had to pick up some Subway sandwiches to serve at my defense and the timing of everything was really stressing me out. My Prince Sean volunteered to run over to the store for me. Dude, what a stress-reliever.

I taught Relief Society on Sunday and I wanted to make it special since it was Easter so I was super-prepping the lesson and wanted to make hand-outs and such. My Prince Sean put all the hand-outs together. Life-saver!

My Prince Sean also makes me laugh alllll the time!

Last month when he was at my parents' house, staying there for a med school interview, he sent me this picture of him and my precious Pogo. So thoughtful.

And a couple weeks ago he surprised me with a dozen roses. What a little Romeo.

I love him and he loves me. We are a happy family.


Thesis defense at noon. Gulp.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Conference of Generals

As I went to pick up my Daily Universe (BYU's newspaper) today, I found a large sign saying that the paper had been recalled. Thank goodness for me and all of you that my husband had arrived on campus early and grabbed a newspaper before they snatched them all back. Go ahead and read the caption to this front page photo and see if you can catch the mistake.I think an editor or two may be getting an earful.

My General Conference highlights:

  • I really appreciated Elder Hales talk on overcoming excesses. Addiction really is a complicated beast and it takes a lot of work and reliance upon the Lord to recover.

  • There were a lot of talks about adversity. I guess a lot of people are hurting economically right now. It's good to know that the church leaders are so mindful of us. Seriously, who can listen to President Eyring speak and not feel is concern for us all.

  • Elders Scott and Bednar's talk about temples was great in helping me remember how important our covenants are and what a special blessing we have to attend the temple.

  • I thought Elder Nelson's talk was pretty cool, helping me to learn from some of the "infamous" prayers by our Savior and other prophets.

  • Wow, Elder Holland was wonderful. No matter how well I know the events of the Atonement, I can always be touched by hearing testimony of the things Christ suffered for us. But also, the idea that Christ had to experience divine withdrawal had never occured to me and I'm that much more grateful to Him that I don't have to experience that aloneness.

  • I love listening to Elder Oaks. I always come away knowing EXACTLY what I need to do to be better. And jazzed to do it.

  • Yeah, I should be a better member missionary. Thanks Elder Perry.

Now I'm spiritually stuffed. Ready to put it to use! What were your impressions?