Friday, April 18, 2014


Look at my genius three-year-old chess champions.

Okay, so they're just following options presented by the iPad. But they can name the pieces!

Okay, just some of them. But they're only three, cut them some slack!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I came downstairs, one day, to find Dash missing a whole lot of hair from his forehead. He said he wanted "silly hair."

Liam's looked a little thinner as well. "Did you cut your hair, Liam." He shook his head. A little while later, I became sure some hair was missing. "You really didn't cut your hair?" Another head shake. Then a thought... "Did Dash cut your hair?" Excited nodding. Only after we buzzed their heads that night did I see how short it was. It was an underneath layer, heretofore hidden. At least Dash cut it similarly between the two of them- if you see them both at once, you might just think they're twins with matching wonky hairlines.

Grey was spared, for he was sleeping. Phew. Although, he actually does need a haircut...

And the scissors now reside atop the refrigerator.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grey + Pogo

This is their relationship. "Do not take my food again, pup."

Monday, April 14, 2014


This little man figured out how to count to 100.

Phone 3/26/2014
Captured by a twin (I don't remember which one and I can't tell by the picture!) while sitting on the counter. Grey was needing a little comfort.

The power of example. Grey's going to learn to climb out of his crib way too early.

Phone 3/26/2014
Just hangin.

Some gym time at the community center. Liam's activity of choice resulted in many head bonks.

Phone 3/26/2014
Pucker up!

Dash's soccer moves.

Phone 3/26/2014
Brothers hiding in a volcano at the Children's Museum.

Grey embraces his independence in this room.

Phone 3/26/2014
Sometimes, you just really need to get your hair wet.

How Grey eats chocolate pudding pie. Just a moment of civilized fork use.

Phone 4-14-2014
A warmer day with Mimi and Pompa (I'll blog about that soon)

Speaking of civilized pie eating...

Phone 4-14-2014
Photo of post-bath Grey by Liam.

Do you know that story? I keep telling them Ricki Ticki instead of Ticki Ticki. Whoops.

Phone 4-14-2014
Unheard of. Neither child was sick and they both napped. I think Liam was avoiding quiet time by snuggling and ended up falling asleep. Dash was like, oh ok me too.

This is a good summarization of Liam and Grey's relationship. Crazy fun mixed with a little Liam going overboard and Grey reacting overboard.

Phone 3/26/2014
Lots of purple Liams

Phone 3/26/2014
Lots of blue Dashes.

Phone 3/26/2014
Lots of normal Greys.