Monday, August 7, 2017


This spring, all the boys were able to play on a baseball team. Liam and Dash were together doing coach pitch and T-ball, while Grey was on a straight up T-ball team.

All of them were assigned to teams named the Rockies (there were several Rockies teams), which they were all pleased about.

A catch! All of them improved in their baseball skills. Honestly, they were fairly non-existent before this, so there was no way to go but up!

Swing away, Grey! I love the way this kid runs.

Liam and Dash's age group did a weekly practice as well as a game- it was very entertaining watching those kids get distracted by everything else in the world besides playing catch.

When up to bat, they had four pitches to hit until switching to T-ball. The last batter got an automatic homerun and ran all the bases. And when fielding, you always threw to first, no matter what. Just the basics here.

Their helmets were always so big and flopped all over as they swung and ran. I kept telling them to wear their hat underneath but the coach would say to take it off- coach trumps mom.

I'm not sure if they'll want to do baseball again in the future, but I think it was a fun and confidence-boosting endeavor.

Wren would sneak in her turn in the field. When she wasn't dragging me over to the playground swings.

Special bonus: Baseball portraits!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Coke + Mentos

We wanted to try the ol' coke and mentos experiment with the kids, so we thought we'd get them each their own little bottle and they can all try it out.

While it worked and the kids thought it was very cool (well, Wren thought it was a bit scary), it wasn't the big "explosion" we adults were expecting.

So we tried another day with a big bottle (and of Diet Coke, which apparently reacts even more dramatically) and it did not disappoint!

Look at that air! So all soda scientists, take heed, do not skimp! Go for the two liter bottle!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Finishing school

We finished up preschool! It was really fun to take turns teaching Grey and a few of his friends. But I'm glad to get a little break before doing it again with Wren. Grey will be starting Kindergarten this school year and he's excited to be going to his brothers' school! I think he'll do great and hopefully the teacher can convince him to actually try reading rather than just be silly the whole time.

Dash and Liam finished their year as first graders spectacularly. They're great students and will do so well in second grade.



No school for Wren, just playing with mom all day long. She's so pumped.

The last several weeks of school, we usually played on the little playground after picking up the twins. So I took some photos of them playing there on the last day of first grade.

Where's he flying off to?

Catching some air trying to reach a high up brick.

A seesaw is no place to be alone.

Yay! Buddies came! With snacks! That's what family's for.

Friday, August 4, 2017


School starts in just over a week and I have a whole summer of activites to blog about! I blame my increasingly slow computer (and, you know, life) for the delay. Actually, I have one event that happened before school even finished- each year for graduation, the Thunderbirds perform for the Air Force. They do a practice run for the day before so I took Grey and Wren up north a little, plunked ourselves in a big parking lot, and enjoyed the show!