Monday, July 6, 2015

Rustless Summer

Our little Rust bucket is lucky enough to have his mommy home all summer so we're on break from watching him.

I must say, we've been having the laziest (aka boring) mornings since not having to make sure I'm up and ready for Rusty's arrival. The boys periodically ask when we get to watch Rusty again. They miss their little pseudo-brother!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bartholomew Family Balloon Release.

A little while ago, I did a little mini-session with the Bartholomew Family. They were releasing balloons in honor of Jordan's brother who had passed away. What a sweet tradition.





Friday, June 26, 2015


I had heard about Art-A-Whirl recently, a weekend where art studios in Minneapolis open their doors to the public, so we gave it a go.

It was fun to see the different art styles and mediums and I think even the kids thought some of it was cool. The interactive stuff was always their favorite, of course.

Since the studios are spread all over the city, I researched what would be the mostly likely places for us to enjoy, narrowing down to two corridors. We'd take the free trolley from one to the other.

Except, the trolley only came every half hour or so without a posted schedule. So after waiting a while and getting very hungry, we decided to just walk and see if we could snag food along the way.

The trolley passed us a few minutes in, of course. And there was no food to be found.

But I got to take some time to practice my own art and snag some portraits of my cuties.

But then we found some snacks. And some kind people gave us balloons. And another kind soul offered to take our family photo. And we DID get to take the trolley back to our car after we explored the second corridor and got some tasty egg rolls. I give Art-A-Whirl a thumbs up but will be happier to do it again when not pregnant.