Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Colorado's Mild Winter

Winter here in Colorado Springs has been such a different experience than in Minnesota. The temperatures sometimes get down to twenties, even the teens (one day it did actually go below zero) but in almost equal measure will swing up to the fifties and sixties! We've had so many lovely days! It snows every now and then but will melt within a couple of days. That first MN January was spent almost entirely below zero. I quite prefer the Colorado winter, I must say.

There have been some pretty windy days. One particular wind storm blew over almost everyone's fence in the area. And there was another very windy snowstorm- the conditions were just right for the snow to smack into the plants sidelong and just build on each other.

Everything you could see was generously smeared with snowy icing.

For two days we lived in a grayscale world. Then the next morning, it was all gone as if it never was.

The kids haven't been too keen on snow adventure. Maybe because they knew better weather was around the corner, so why bother?

When Wren would venture out, the chill of the snow would become too much very quickly. Let's all get hot chocolate instead! And lay out our light jackets for tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Zoo with Everyone

I must have burnt myself out when I did a bazillion blogs in December. I haven't really been taking that many photos either, so it's time to reignite. Time to blog. At Christmastime, all the Bradleys were together for a few days! We took the whole troop to the zoo.

First and foremost, we had to see the giraffes!

Oh the eyes.

But growing in favoritism is the little budgie house where we get to feed the birds some seeds on a stick.

And we love it because of this! Holding the birds!

Dash wasn't going to leave until there was a budgie on his stick too. (Grey was ready to leave it if DID happen)

Bah! Watch your step!

Phew, there's some glass between us and the water monsters.

Some sweet sharing between cousins at the bear viewing area.

My boys silhouetted.

I walked right by these guys and didn't even notice them at first. For shame!

This guy is usually sleeping when I visit.

Warming his quills.

And a goodbye kiss from the orang.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One and a Half Years

Hi! I'm Wren! Today I'm one and a half years old.

I'm now chiefly a walker, though I'm still not the most stable. I like to wrap my fingers around one of Mommy's since she'll catch me when I trip. I enjoy walking so much that I really don't like going in the stroller or the car seat anymore. I'll yell to the heavens but Mommy puts me in anyway.

Daddy and Mommy finally got me some shoes that stay on and I love them. I call them "shushuhs." And I call my coat "co," and all adults I care about are "Mahmmy" (including Daddy and all grandparents). I can say more ("mo") and sign it- I can also sign Water, Drink, Eat, and, to signify myself, give myself several hearty thumps on the chest.

I really don't like being changed, both in my clothes and my diaper. But I do like silly chases, silly sounds, silly faces, and silly games. It's pretty easy to get me to giggle and smile.

I eat well and usually eat most of what is given me. I'm not too keen on vegetables but desserts, yes please! And I love snacks, like crackers and fruit strips. I'll ask for them all day long. I also sleep great, both at night and for naps. Mommy says she's really grateful.

My brothers love to play Ring Around the Rosie with me and I also like Peekaboo and watching them do goofy things. They try to do hide and seek with me but I don't really like it because everyone leaves me! I do like to give them hugs and pats whenever they are feeling sad, which seems to help them a lot. I like being so old now because I can keep up with them a little better! Hurray!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

the things they say

Grey: Look at this!
Katie: Oh, you found a feather!
Grey: I don't want to step on a feather, that will sneeze me.

Dash: Ow! Grey stepped on my leg!
Katie: Grey did you know you stepped on your brother?
Grey: Yeah and I almost broked his bone. 

Grey: Hey are you Dash? Hey are you Dash? Hey Liam, are you Dash?
Katie chuckling: Liam, please don't ignore Grey. 
Liam: What, grey?
Grey: Are you dash?
Liam: No, you know I'm not, you said my name. 
Grey: You're dash. 

Grey: When I'm done, you can sit on my chair. 
Liam: Not a chair, a potty!
Grey: Yes it's a chair, see you sit right here. 
Katie: I agree with grey, I think you can call it a chair. 
Grey, flatly: ... I was talking to Liam. 

Grey: Do you know what I have in here?
Katie: Is it your pencil?
Grey: NO ITS MY PEN...cil. 

Grey: And that's our show today, thanks for watching!

Katie: Oh, Liam I love you. 
Liam: I love you, too. You love wren more. 
Katie: Why do you say that?
Liam: Because she's the cutest. 

Sean: How many stickers are there?
Grey, counting: One... A lot of them. 

Liam: Dash, you're funnier than me. 

Dash: Mommy, grey hit my face!
Grey: No, head!

Liam dismounts the tire swing: That hurt my bottom. And my kidneys. 

Grey: Oh my goodness, what is this?!

Sean: Wyoming! Have you guys been to Wyoming? Yeah, you have. 
Dash: Yeah, that's where we got caught by the cops. 

Grey: Mommy I thought you were sleeping!
Katie: Not right now, though I was this morning. 
Grey: No mommy, you sleep on Tuesdays and threesdays. 

Dash: Do you know why they call me dash? Because I'm so fast. 
Liam: But I came out of mommy first so I'm a little bit faster than you. 
Sean: You're both really fast. 
Liam: That's why they call me Sonic Liam!
Dash like a superhero: and I'm... Sonic Dash. 

Wren: ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma. 
Sean: da da. Da da. 
Wren: ma ma ma ma ma ma. 
Katie: that's right wren. Who's you're favorite?
Wren:... Da deeeeeee. 

Katie: Hey don't worry about wren, just do your job please.
Liam: I just a want to stare at wren all the time. 

Dash: What color is their car?
Katie: It's white. 
Dash: it that one?
Katie: No. 
Liam: it that one?
Katie: nope. 
Dash: it that one?
Katie: it's not. 
Liam: there are a lot of white cars! They must all have gone to the white car store!

Katie: Look, there's a bird!
Liam and dash sing: Jingle bells, batman smells, ROBIN DID YOU LAY AN EGG??

Wren [about 8 months old]: hiiii dada! 

Dash: You know the two words in pancake? Pant and ache!

Grey shows me his open palms: Look I did magic!
Katie: Oh yeah, did you make something disappear?
Grey: Yeah! The boogie is gone!

Grey: It's so little, it's cute. Mars is cute!

Dash: Legos! I MISSED you!

Pompa: Do you guys want to go camping?
Dash/Liam/Grey: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Liam: Sincerely yes!

Dash: I smell water. 

Grey hands Sean a book: Daddy, weed this weed this!
Dash: I want to weed... read this. 

Dash: Where'd all these moths come from?
Liam: There's a lot of them. 
Dash: Maybe they're venomoths. 
Liam: Or maybe venonats!
Dash: Venonats? Certainly not. 

Katie: Do you know who that is on the picture?
Grey: Baby Wren!
Katie: That's actually you! You look like baby Wren, don't you?
Grey: Oh that's me pushing the baby. 
Katie: That's Liam and Dash pushing you in the swing, Grey!
Grey: No that's baby Dash. I'm pushing him with Liam. 
Katie: That baby isn't you?
Grey: No, I'm pushing baby Dash with Liam. That's right. 

Radio: She sets, she sets the city on fire. 
Dash: Cheesecake, cheesecake sitting on fire. 

[Car drives by with music on]
Liam: I know that song! I like that song!
Dash: That must be Sunny one oh six point three!

Dash: This corn dog is really hot but it's making me cold. 
Katie: That doesn't make any sense!
Dash: Well, that's what's happening to my body. 

Grey: Let's go in the play area and watch people play. 

Radio: That was a new song from--
Grey: He said pidgey!

Liam: [gasp] let's go to ARBYSWEHAVETHEMEATS!

Dash: Come on goal, be easier!

Grey: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Bees have tongues!

Sean: How was everybody's day?
Grey: Wren cried. And then she stopped crying. And then she cried again. And then she stopped crying. And then she cries again. And then she stopped crying. 

Grey: Mommy, I love yellow. And red. And blue. And gray. And black. And I love all the colors. And want to give them all a hug because I love them!

Grey: Dash, where are you?
Dash: Over here!
Grey: Where?
Dash: I'm in something!... but not the toilet. 

Grey: I don't like dry pineapple! I like them wet!

Grey singing: Walkin in a winter wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder land. 

Liam: We're having lime?!
Grey: I love lime!
Dash: Good thing I don't have my canker-chief anymore. [He's thinking of canker sore]

Grey: I wanted the blue ooooooone. [wails for five minutes]
Grey: Oh yeah, I like all the colors. That means I like pink too!

Katie: Oo, lets change your diaper, Wren. Grey, I'll be back. 
Grey: On Christmas Day!

Katie: I'm sorry you have a sore throat, honey. 
Dash: Or maybe my nerve broke. 

Mimi: Hey are you all dressed?
Grey: no, I'm grey!

Dash: Stockings! That must mean we were good this year!
Pompa: Were you worried?
Dash: Well, I was a little bit naughty.