Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rallying for the Museum

Liam and Dash were feeling... not better but okay, Saturday afternoon. We took advantage and headed to the Children's Museum. Sean took all the photos- thanks, babe!

The kids usually request the water area first.

It's hard to be short.

Safety in all construction zones!

See any fires for Fireman Dash to put out?

Grey and Mimi performing and enjoying themselves on screen.

Right around then, Liam requested we head home. Poor sick kiddos. Glad they could have a little fun.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Conference with Kids

Mimi and Pompa's visit coincided with General Conference. While these eight hours of religious talks over two days is very edifying and spiritual, it's certainly a bit of a challenge with little kids. Here's some snapshots as we listened.





We had some activities prepared- every time an apostle spoke, they found his picture and taped it up on the wall. They also had some coloring pages and such.
They're favorite was probably cutting out the apostles pictures and matching them in number order.

Probably because it involved scissors and glue.

And Grey just played. C'est la vie.

(P.S. I forgot to put this Hexbug video on the last post. You can be sure this entertained them during Conference, too!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hex Track

Remember how Mimi and Pompa sent us some HexBugs? Well, now we have some Hex Tracks.

Those bugs can zip all around those tubes. It's kind of like watching an ant farm- you just sort of watch, fixated.

It was bought with Liam and Dash in mind, but it's become one of Grey's favorite toys. Bugs, bugs, galore!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Visiting the Sick House

Mimi and Pompa were able to come visit for an extended weekend. We hadn't seen them since October so we were all so excited!

Trouble was the kids got sick. Multi-day fevers, lethargic and Dash threw up one of the nights. Dash even napped two days in a row! That's serious business.

They'd have spurts of energy, usually once the medicine pulled the fever down, but then they'd just wear out so quick. Mimi and Pompa took Liam to the mall while Dash and Grey were sleeping, where he had some fun but ended up asking to go back home. I'm pretty sure that's never happened before.

So we put all our activity possibilities to bed and spent most of the time at home, kids on laps.

Grey never got a fever, thankfully, but had a nice vomiting session the day Mimi and Pompa left. He'd been pretty grumpy up to that point but seemed to perk up after.

Sean amazingly had a two day weekend (worked twelve days straight before and twelve days straight after) so he took part in the cuddles as well.

I'll show you some of the fun we created in the next few days. But I don't think Mimi minded the cuddles. What Grandma would?