Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Orange Couch

My parents drove up to Destin and drove us back down to Orlando. Sean flew out the next day since he had to get back to work (boo) and the rest of us stayed about a week. Here we are on the orange couch.
I love this picture. It's just everything, all at once.

Having shared a room with all the kids while in Destin, we've discovered that Liam is the child behind the early rising. He woke me up one morning as he loud-whispered, "Daaaash, Daaaash," to his soundly sleeping brother. He was always the first up and up early, no matter what time he went to bed. I need to figure out how to wipe out this habit.

Dash has discovered the joys of belching. It's the adults' fault, really, when we laughed hardily at Dash's surprising mega-burp mid-sentence. Ever since, he (and Liam) has been pushing 'em out. Incidentally, he's also now good at saying "excuse me."

This little man has gotten so stubborn and opinionated and emotional. Pretty much starting from day one at my parent's house, it's either Grey's way or the emotional breakdown highway. It's, you know, a bit exhausting. I think a lot of it has to do with him not saying many words but mostly the fact that he's discovered his own will. It happens to the best of 'em.

Monday, July 21, 2014

In Destin with Family

I think the most fun about getting together with family is seeing the kiddie cousins interact. I'm happy to see that Dash and Liam have some innate chivalry (helping Avery with her shoe while planting a kiss on her hand).

We were staying in a couple condos and we had a nice enclosed patio where we did lots of activities. Like bubble blowing (and bubble spilling).

Mimi brought a lot of coloring/art options that my kids frequently requested. Theyare now obsessed with color-by-number (and I'm seriously impressed with their creations).

Beyond the patio was a lake (with ducks!)

Kids always wanted to go out (with an adult) to toss in rocks or feed the animals.

I'm almost surprised that no one fell in.

It was something they wanted to do straight after breakfast, milk cups and all.

A place for many...

A place for few.

And even a place for a Zechiel, when my parents drove up to take us down to Orlando. That's a wrap for Destin and it was marvelous. I think we're going to have to make this place a habit.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Beachy Keen

We went to the beach every day while in Destin but I only took the camera with me once. Too much risk! Sand and water are a camera's mortal enemies. But I HAD to get some pictures. And no lenses or camera bodies were injured in the taking of these photos. Phew!

Dash was our little water boy. He was always playing in the water and showed no fear.

Jumping in the waves was probably his favorite.

Liam liked the water in moderation. He'd pop in for a wave or two, then head back to play in the sand.

Oh look, my feet. How lovely.

Seashell washaway.

All the kids liked being in the little boat. Sometimes we'd keep in shore with a little water inside- perfect for Sawyer and Grey!

On this particular morning, while Dash enjoyed the boat, Liam played in the little wade pool that formed up on the sand.

As did his cousins.

It's a good place to relax, too.

Sawyer agrees.

Speaking of relaxing, isn't this just the picture of serenity?

"Hey, you look too relaxed, come play with me instead."

Later on, more kids in the boat. Sawyer's in the now but soon it got too choppy. It's a good thing because...

They hit a big one! Will they make it?

They made it! Well, the kids did, Pompa not so much. On our very last trip to the beach we had or first and only boat wipeout. Luckily, Sean snatched the kids right up. I didn't see it and I'm glad I didn't.

We did this a lot, carrying the kids out into the big waves. They felt adventurous AND safe.

Hey look, there's Grey! He was a bit sick the whole week and so I didn't want to wake him from his restorative sleep. So most mornings one parent went with the twins to the beach while the other waited for Grey to wake up. He still enjoyed the water despite feeling yucky. That first splash of a wave was annoying to him but then he'd get used to it. But he definitely liked being held the most.

Oh that perfect water and sand- I'm ready to go back!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blue Angels

Destin happens to be near Pensacola, which happens to be where the Blue Angels were performing. So we saw them!

I'll use this picture of Grey to show you that it was hot.

We arrived just as the show was starting, so we didn't go to the official viewing area but found a patch of shade to watch.

I got a nice red ant bite during this- love those southern insects.

But anyway, the show was cool and I marveled at their close proximity during maneuvers.

They could move crazy fast but my favorite was when they'd slow down and fly with their noses pointed up, like dolphins skimming the water. It's a wonder they didn't just topple out of the sky.

Then Sean took the camera and shot his brother while his brother shot him.

Then a plane went right overhead and freaked out Grey completely. It was so loud (at one point during the show I tried to tell Sean to take a photo of a nearby plane and I couldn't even hear myself). Anytime he started hearing the planes approach, he'd vice grip my shirt and press an ear against me while I covered the other ear.

Sawyer, however, was unfazed.

The finale.

Some of the family looked around the plane yard.

And then we were ready to leave the heat.

So we went in the plane museum. Where we all immediately lost each other.

But we found each other eventually. And I'm happy to report that Grey did not sustain any lasting damage from his experience- he'sstill happy to point out every plane in the sky.