Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olympic Training Center

So everyone loves the Olympics, right? Well, not true. My parents do not love the Olympics. They don't dislike the Olympics, but they don't have the adoration for it like the REST OF HUMANITY. My goodness, Mom and Dad, how do you not love the Olympics???

And yet, while they came for a visit, we took a spin around the Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Springs. BEFORE the Olympics started.

This location mostly has indoor and winter sports, so we got to hop around from building to buidling, seeing where the athletes practice.

My kids were kind of all over the place, but this was one place where people understood that kids like to be active.

A funny sign where the shooters train. Most of the athletes had already gone down to Rio. Although a few groups were still there, we didn't get to catch anyone training.

But we did spy a bobsledder that seemed to have some notoriety.

And while we were watching all the dramatic highlights of Olympic past, I caught my parents watching just as intently as I. They've got a little love in there somewhere.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

First Fishing

During the reunion, the boys heard there would be fishing and that was it- they would talk about nothing else. And so it was that my three oldest had their first fishing experience.

They learned to cast.

They learned to reel.

They learned to not be too upset when they don't catch anything.

But not catching anything gets a little old, so they did other things too.

Like take photos of their favorite people.

Rachel will love this one, I'm sure.

We also went on a walk.

We picked up sticks and we threw sticks.

We picked up rocks and we threw rocks.

Though, just playing in the rocks was good enough for some of us.

It was a fun reunion and we're so excited to go again!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Bryce Canyon

The reunion cabin was not far from Bryce Canyon, so we took a little (hot) (and bright) hike along one of the rims. Not too many photos because I was making sure my children did not leap to their deaths.

But those boys are always camera ready.

Selfie training.

My kids were actually pretty good at keeping a safe distance from the edge and would instruct everyone to stay back. When they saw Pompa go out this far, they were astounded that he did not actually fall. It was, thankfully, a safe visit to Bryce Canyon.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bradley Family Reunion

Sortly after arriving in Colorado, we hopped back in the car (hurray!) to drive to Utah for the Bradley Family Reunion! It was really nice to reconnect to extended family and have the kids meet many for the first time! There was a big cabin we all shared tucked away on a mountain so we had lots of chances to hang outdoors.

There was a little lake nearby that we walked to a few times.

Rachel and Ellie were there too, it was so good to spend time with them (and meet Ellie for the first time!)




A visit to Bryce Canyon and the kids' first time fishing in blogposts to come!