Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Vegas Pit Stop

Since we were already in St. George, about 2/3 of the way to LA, we kept on going after the reunion. I think Nevada was a new state for all the kids!

We made a pit stop at the strip in Las Vegas. It was very hot. But we saw the Eiffel Tower!

Its everyone!

This awkward shot brought to you by four children trying to climb on top of me and a sidewalk that is scorching to the touch.

My kids touching things they aren't supposed to at the Bellagio.


The closest we came to a fountain show, since the Bellagio Fountains didn't perform until well after we left.

And waiting for a tram back to the hotel where our car was parked- an hour or two in Vegas is all we need, really.

We then added one more new state, California!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Zion National Park

One day of our family reunion was spent in Zion National Park. We all wore our reunion shirts, Harry Potter themed and divided into houses. We embraced our Hufflepuffiness.

Funny (embarrassing) story. We parked in town and caught a bus into the park. As we were about to load into one fairly full bus, another pulled up behind, so we decided to switch. As we settled into bus two and the first bus pulled away, we realized one of my nephews was on the first bus! Never fear, the bus drivers could communicate and at the next stop, Sean's dad ran over to the first bus. The following stop was the park. As we unloaded, we realized Grey was on the first bus too and we hadn't even realized. Oy. That's the thing about matching shirts, it's great for picking out members of your group but not for finding individuals. Eep.

We all had lunch together and took family photos, then everyone could hike wherever they pleased. We went up the emerald pools trail.

Wren was not particularly interested in staying with the group so I stayed back with her. Until she filled her diaper and I had to hustle up to everyone to get a diaper.

Yellow everywhere!

We found the emerald pools (one of them maybe?) along with some tadpoles!

Then we dipped our toes

And fingers.

And thighs.

Grey was king of the world for a few minutes.

Once we came back down, everyone played in the river and dipped their whole bodies. All kids were thoroughly soaked.

Zion National Park is pretty great and we'll have to come back some day!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Bradley Family Reunion 2018

Sean's week at camp overlapped with the start of the Bradley Family Reunion. Very graciously, Sean's parents took the boys with them early so they could be a part of things and get some good time in with family. When Sean came home, Wren, he, and I caught up with them.

We went to St. George, UT where we all loaded up four houses between all the family members attending. It wasn't until we were in Utah that I realized my camera battery was almost dead, so most of these are phone pictures (or stolen from others!).

We took turns cooking meals and hosting game nights. The boys were particularly looking forward to Lip Sync Night.

There was a nearby pool that we happily used over and over again.

Who can spot the aquatic Sean?

There was even a little playground. Perfect. It was lovely to see everyone again! I'll show you our trip to Zion National Park next!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Sean goes to camp

Sean was asked to be the physician at our stake's young men's camp for a week in June. He told me that he was more concerned about the adults attending the camp than the youth. That's pretty much how in panned out, anything major happening to a grown-up. In fact, there was a very serious incident with a woman we knew and Sean took care of her until paramedics came and she was Life Flighted away. Sean did not think things looked good for her at all by the time she left. Everyone at the camp and those who know her were praying and fasting for her. A few days later, she was out of the hospital- a total miracle. I'm really glad Sean could help her.

Thankfully that was the only severely emergent situation. Hearing of her recovery was so faith-promoting and he had so many wonderfully spiritual experiences that he shared with me. During the week, I had to work hard to not feel a wee bit bitter, as this was taking a week of vacation away from us, besides me parenting alone. I only got to speak to him a few brief times, with very poor reception, when he ventured out to the lone spot with cell phone reception. But hearing about the things he felt and learned definitely made me grateful for the time he spent there. (and he practically held hummingbirds, can you see them in the photo?)

And it's pretty nice to spend some time in remote country, right? But I was so glad to have him back.