Thursday, December 14, 2017

Summit County

For Thanksgiving, we had a dinner together as a family (with way too much food), and then decided to go adventuring. There's so much of Colorado we haven't seen. For this outing, we spent a day and some change in Summit County, which has several small towns tucked into the Rocky Mountains. The kids loved being in a hotel (even though it means no one gets enough sleep, and boy did we not sleep), where they could enjoy the pool and the complementary breakfast. And we all enjoyed the beautiful mountain views.

iphone 149ef
The best views came around Dillon Resevoir. We realized that the nice camera was left in the hotel after we went out for the day, so most of these are photo shots (you best believe I was a little sad about that! But the phone did a good job)

iphone 140ef
It was colder than I expected and I had forgotten to pack my winter coat! Oy!

iphone 172ef
My main squeeze.

iphone 135ef
He always rests so cutely.

iphone 134ef
She's so happy to be with Daddy!

iphone 151ef
And with me! See how she can't get enough of me?

iphone 184ef
We went up to this lookout with the express purpose of feeding the chipmunks that run all over these rocks. Well. We found one. And it might be a squirrel? It was just too cold, we're lucky one came out.

iphone 176ef
He got to feast on salted sunflower seeds.

iphone 188ef
All the kids got a turn, though Wren's was more of a tossing of seeds that the chi-rrel ate eventually off the rocks.

iphone 196ef
Having fun, Dash?

iphone 200ef
Then we went on a little walk around the lookout, which nobody at all complained about. Nope. No one.

iphone 202ef
Walks are better when holding hands.

iphone 205ef
Hey, maybe she does kinda like me.

iphone 207ef
After we were done at the Reservoir, we walked around the town of Breckenridge. We ate some deliciously overpriced Pho in a very cramped space. But it was tasty. We saw unique games and cool artwork. We saw a lot of skiers taking a break from the slopes. And we all got a yummy cookie.

iphone 208ef
The family!

iphone 214ef
Ready to get warm again, Liam?

iphone 215ef
The next day, we went back to the Dillon Reservoir, but this time walked over by the dam for a while.

iphone 225ef
We had fun throwing rocks out into the water until we realized there were fishermen dotting the shores below. Whoops!

iphone 231ef
It was a fun adventure, one we'll have to do again in the summertime. Huzzah, Colorado!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bear Creek

One warmish, Fall Saturday, we took a little walk around Bear Creek Nature Preserve. Here are my favorite moments.


(keep your eyes open, Katie!)







(we never did find that microcache)






Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Hi! I'm Dash. I just turned seven and a half years old.

I'm a pretty great kid. Super smart. Great in school. Love to read all sorts of books (especially those National Geographic Kids books). I enjoy making people laugh and being goofy.

My favorite place to eat is probably HuHot. I'll eat most of what mom makes (though if I decide that I don't like it, I will make it known repeatedly), even the vegetables. I love all playing video games, especially anything with Mario or Minecraft.

Happy half birthday to me!

Hi! I'm Liam. I just turned seven and a half years old, too!

Just like Dash, I'm fantastic kiddo. I love all sorts of learning and discovering new things. I love all books, fiction and non, and I love to share what I've learned.

Video gaming is wonderfully fun, especially if I get to play with Daddy. I'm pretty good at not complaining and being sweet to my little sister. I'm full of enthusiasm and always show my excitement.

Happy half birthday to me!

Ahem, to us!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Zelda Halloween!

This year we were a Legend of Zelda family! Sean and I were Koroks...

Wren is the intrepid princess Zelda.

Dash is classic Link.

Liam is the Breath of the Wild Link.

And Grey is Ancient Armor Link. It was so nice how the latest iteration of the Zelda saga had link in so many different costumes, all my boys could be link. Grey's outfit was definitely the most time consuming to make. So much hot glue. I'm pretty pleased with the shields, though!

Their cousins were in town for one of our trunk-or-treats, so we were joined by a ninja and a cat. (Do you like how Wren's sitting in the bushes? When she sets her mind to something....)

Let's not forget the skeleton!

And here's a superbly composed photo of our many days old, already starting to decompose jack-o-lanterns. We got a ghost, skull, bat, Zelda symbol, and spider. Happy Halloween!