Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Funny Kid Words

(a rainless rainbow!)

Liam: You're going to win, Dash, my brother!

Bathtime on dec 25
Liam: It's Christmas water!

Dash: When I'm a daddy and I'm skyping I will say where's Waldo in Hollywood. 
Sean: Is that what you'll say? I bet that might happen one day. When you're a daddy. 
Katie: Who will you skype? Daddy and I?
Dash: No I would skype everyone in the whole... wide world. ...Seven billion. [knowing nod]

Liam smiling broadly the entire monologue: we went to Karen new year! I danceded there! I crieded there!

Dash: Who sent us this Waldo book?!
Liam: Martin Handford sent it to us!

Liam [during prayer]: Bless the little little little little baby in mommy's tummy. 

Liam singing: Heavenly Father has a plan for me and you would even say it glows. 

Dash: I'm the fastest
Katie: You're the fastest doing what?
Dash: I'm the fastest at... Running!
Liam: But look how fast I run!
Dash: And look how fast I run
Liam: Maybe we're the same fastest!
Dash: Yes! We can hold hands!

Liam: Don't forget your picture, Liam. 

Sean: Woo, did someone toot? Dash did you toot?
Dash: No. 
Sean: Grey did you toot?
Grey: Uh uh. Dash.

Sean: What's your favorite shape?
Dash: Square
Grey: O
Liam: Dodecahedron

Noticing some stickers high on the wall
Sean: Did mommy put these up?
Liam: No
Sean: Who did?
Liam: ... Visitors...

Dash: We're puzzle makers! And heart breakers!

Liam: Mom look! It's very very giant! It's ginormous!

Grey: Ready... Go! [Run a few feet, repeat]

Sean: Katie, you are so pretty. You're the prettiest girl in the world. 
Dash: I'm a pretty boy! I'm the prettiest boy in the whole world. Because I can run super fast!

Dash: Mommy I have a great joke for you!
Katie: Ok let's hear it. 
Dash: What did the tomato say to the apple?
Katie: Oo what did he say
Dash: Hello!

Dash: I want to go to the... I want to go to the... Mommy, I want to go to the... I want to go to the... [x12]

Katie: Liam, can I give you a big big hug?
Liam gladly embraces. 
Katie: Oh I love you, can i hug you forever?
Liam: Haha, no mommy, I need to watch this video
Katie: Aw, I wanted to hug you forever!
Liam: But mommy I'll be with you forever!
Katie: You will? That makes me so happy!
Liam: Mmhmm! And you can hold my foot. 

Commenting on the stack of turtles in Yertle the turtle during a preschool lesson:
Liam: I think there's a thousand thousand!
Kyra: Or maybe one hundred!
Dash: maybe a thousand seven hundred!
Nathan: Or maybe... 17!

Grey: Katie. Katie. Katie. Katie. 

Dash: Liam, can I hold your hand?
Liam: Yes, you may. 
Dash: *kiss* I love you Liam. 
Liam: *kiss* I love you Dash. *kiss* I love you Grey. 
Grey: No!

Repeating a silly knock knock joke:
Grey: knock knock, there, who, face monkey!

[Usually we say Kiss! Hug! before I leave his bed at night]
Katie: good night sweetie. 
Grey: Kiss! Hohg! Ha ha, hohg! Ha ha, hohg! Ha ha! 

Dash: Do you know what you earned? A tickle!

Dash, out of the blue: I see it! I see my skin!

Dash: Why are we going slow?
Katie: Do you see all the cars in front of us? It's hard to go fast if they're not going fast. 

Liam: Grey, are you ready to roll and rock?

As reported by my parents
Grandpa: Look, a giant alligator!
One of the twins: That's not a real alligator. That was made of wood and paint. 

Grey: A mint?
Katie: Yep, that's a mint. 
Grey: Yeah. 
Katie: Yeah. 
Grey: Exactly. 

Liam: WATCH OUT FOR THAT... leaf. 

Liam: it's not a race but I want to be first!

Liam to grey: Can you get more?! My babe?!
Liam to me: He's my babe. 

Dash: Rusty the snowman had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it you would even say... He's from Jupiter. 

Liam: Happy Mother's Day!
Dash: Happy Mother's Day!
Grey: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Blow them out. [blows]

Grey squeezes his arms around me: Huuuuuuuu...(breathe)... huuuuuuu... (Breathe)... huuuuuuuug. 

Dash: Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. 
Katie: Yes dash, what do you need?
Dash: I just... I don't need anything, I was just telling you where I was. 

Liam looking at a two faced Lego man: Daddy, this is his face when he attacked the Death Star and this is his face when he attacked the Death Star and said "sigh."

Katie: Okay, go to the bathroom before going to the car.
Liam: Let's go together, Dash!
Dash instead closes the bathroom door before Liam. 
Liam cries: I wanted to go at the same time, mommy! I wanted to make an x!

Liam: Who painted this, mommy?
Katie: The van? I guess Honda did. 
Liam: No, it was Jesus! He made everything. 

Grey sings: a b c d f g, now I wonder what you are. 

Liam comes out of his room at bedtime: Daddy, I just needed to tell you that I need to go to sleep now. 

Grey pointed at his diaper: This is my poopoo balloon

Liam's prayer: Dear henly father, thank thee for Star Wars. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen

Grey in a serious whisper: Daddy. Daddy. I not grey. I boba fett. 

Grey: Baby in your tummy? 
Katie: That's right, grey, there's a baby inside!
Grey: Can I kiss your baby?
Katie: Of course!
Grey kisses my belly. 
Grey: Can I squish your baby?
Katie: Well, very very softly. 
Grey gently pinches my belly. 
Grey: Can I poke your baby?
Katie: Yes, softly. 
Grey gently pokes my belly. 
Katie: Hey grey, is this baby your baby sister?
Grey: Uuuuuuh nope!
Katie: Actually it is your baby sister!
Grey: Oh, yeah. 
Katie: She'll come out very soon. 
Grey: Your doctor poke you?
Katie: No, the baby will come out by herself, the doctor just helps. 
Grey: The doctor poke your pants?
Katie: Nope, the doctor just helps get the baby to come out of my body. 
Grey: Oh. Yeah. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Sean was telling his parents about the drone he saw during the fireworks one day and guess what he got as a present from them for his birthday a few days later.
Sean's very own drone/helicopter thing. It takes video!

Everyone is enraptured.

All the kids took turns at the wheel. Closely monitored by Sean.

Grey liked to press the flipping button.

There's two batteries that last ten minutes each. Twenty minutes of excitement!

Then a neighbor dog came to visit and the drone was forgotten. Ah, a child's life.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Big Pool

Last season I got a nice, big pool on sale. It's finally been warm enough to set it up!

It's a good place for lounging.

Any ol' lounging preference you prefer.

Everyone covets the hose.

Taking a selfie break with mom!

Guess they had some hot heads?

When Grey tries to copy-cat. Also, why we don't know leave kids in a pool by themselves.

Ah ha, he's okay, folks!