Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anna and Connor Engagment || Minnehaha Falls

It was a round about way that I came to shoot these engagement photos but I feel so privileged to have been able to capture these images. They're such a beautiful couple and so obviously smitten with each other. And I think we got Minnehaha Falls' leaves in their prime. Here are my favorites:











Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Warm Fall Evening

Fall weather's kind of a fun treat after a hot summer, isn't it? The chance to get cozy, rather than wanting to shed all but the most necessary clothing. But then the cold wind gets frustrating and you just want to go outside without a coat, dang it. And then a warm day pops up here and there and they are the most glorious days of all. Divine warmth! Carefree adventures! Here's one of our little warm evenings.
Everyone's so happy to be in short sleeves that they've burst out in song.

See, everyone.

With all the seasonal change, Grey decides to instill a bit more order, starting with the chalk.

Then a little walk. This is how family walks usually go. Liam and Dash way out front. Grey being held. Me uselessly behind, taking photos, reminding the twins to "stay on the side of the road!"

The destination of our trip: the first tree afire. Which seems silly now that they're all glowing and beautiful. But a couple weeks ago it was just this one against the green. A little treasure on a warm fall evening.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Sheesh, this is a beautiful place.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Did you know Sean and I took an astronomy class together? For a brief period of time, I could identify a boatload of constellations. Sean even minored in the subject (and can still identify a boatload of constellations). We like outer space in this family.

Sean was given a telescope when he was younger but we haven't used it in a while. Having just done a preschool session on Space, we thought we'd crack it open and see what we could see. We met friends at a park after nightfall and got to 'scoping. Turns out, it was a bad astronomy month- all the planets were on the wrong side at night, moon wasn't out, etc. We could see lots of stars but that's less interesting to kids. They more enjoyed the playground in the dark.

So a few days later, Sean thought he'd just try to see the moon during the day. It was a perfect idea.

All the kids got a turn and thought it was so neat to see the moon's detail.

Grey's like, "so this goes where?"

He figured it out and became very serious about it.

moon through scope
Sean snapped an iphone photo through the eyepiece. Pretty great view, eh?