Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bubble Bowl

One of the activities I had planned for preschool didn't go over so well.

I wanted to blow bubbles on the table, spreading the solution along the surface and letting them make bubbles with straws.

But the floor isn't completely level, so the solution kept pooling or spreading thin. You could make bubbles but it took more patience than these three-year-olds possessed.

So later on I just gave the leftover solution to Liam and Dash in a couple bowls and let them make bubbles that way.

Success was much easier to achieve. And such big bubble piles too!

Grey happily snacked on his blueberries and watched.

But despite the fact that we kept reminding ourselves NOT to slurp through our straws, only blow, accidents happen. they each had a minor mistake that was easily (and excitedly) remedied through gargling water. Then Dash had a game-ending gulp of the stuff and hasn't wanted much to do with bubbles since. At least we had fun in the moment?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Teacher's First Week

It was my turn to teach Preschool last week and boy was it exciting! The first day I had a headache and Grey was grumpy the whole time. With those challenges gone, the second time teaching was much nicer. I wanted to take all sorts of photos but when you go from the activity to activity with each kid asking, "what's next" in between, the camera's forgotten. Maybe next time!

We talked about the letter B, buses, the color blue, and rectangles. The two favorite activities was group bouncing (letter B) and a rectangle hunt (they sure got excited when they realized rectangles are everywhere!). One of the boys couldn't come that week, so we'll see how fun it'll be when we add one more!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wild Rice

face hole
A couple weekends ago, the kids and I went to the Wild Rice Festival. Because: free, close, and something to do on a Saturday while Sean's working! Bonus: we got to learn a bit about Native American culture.

This is what rice looks like when it's... uh... harvested? Maybe? I don't know, I never get to hear what people are saying when I'm also taking care of my kids.

Although they were trying to pay attention until the adults around crowded close, blocking their view. Silly grown-ups.

They got to sit in a tee-pee!

The tee-pee's tippee top!

teepee drawing
They decorated their own tee-pee, too.

Standing by the tee-pee, holding their new creation.

little teepees
Ta da!

dakota bracelet
They also made Dakota bracelets. They really impressed me by threading their own beads in the right color order.

Grey was fantastic, given there was really nothing there for him to do.

But he did enjoy the dancing! Who doesn't like some good tribal music now and again.

Definitely going back next year!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Glimpses from the phone

Phone 9/17/13
Went to a wade pool, just me and the kids. No drowning happened! Go us!

They have a microphone that plays Christmas jingles and that has inspired much dancing as of late.

Phone 9/17/13
I love it when they're sweet to each other.

Grey was trying to drop food to Pogo and knows he's not supposed to. He cutely reminds himself.

Phone 9/17/13
Visit to the Teddy Bear park. It's about 20 minutes away, which was just about right after a long day with the kids. Anybody else like the calm of a little drive with the kids?

They really love the park.

Phone 9/17/13
Watching the carousel is just as fun as riding it, right?

Grey says "uh oh" all day and all night. I like his attitude here.

Phone 9/17/13
March of the melons.

When he says he's singing, he's usually just dancing. Though he did sing a little Happy Birthday before I started recording.

Phone 9/17/13
Finally allowed to drink milk on his birthday, instead of just sneaking it from his brothers.

A little snippet of how the boys play in the pool.

Playground by sunset.

Phone 9/17/13
And then they were to the top... with Grey following as best he can.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Faces in 30 seconds








(Grey may have been too busy drinking to make any faces but he did make time to TAKE HIS FIRST STEPS tonight! Sean had just gotten home and told Grey to "come walk over here", and he did! He'd go back and forth between us and applaud at the end. Behold the glory (though he started to just dive by this time)!)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grey, 1

My name is Grey and I'm one year old today!

I'm not walking yet but I try really hard while I hold one of mommy's hands.

I can say the words: more, dog, no, dada, mama, uh oh.

I love to charge at my brothers and parents while tossing my head about like a lion, laughing.

If you give me some food on my tray, I may be a little picky, but if you are eating it, I want it desperately.

I can't wait to get my own milk cup and constantly try to sneak sips of my brothers'.

I've brought lightness and joy to my whole family for a whole year! Happy birthday me!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013