Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Black and white baby

This is the story of how I took this photo. We have black and white photos of the boys at about this age in this same pose hung on our wall. Wren's turn.

I took lots and lots of photos of Wren in which she looked ridiculously cute.

She was a very patient subject.

Mayhaps she even enjoyed the process?

Interested, if nothing else.

Once sure I had some winners to choose from, I let Liam and Dash loose, who had been chomping at the bit to join the photo. I took one shot, thought, this is crazy cute, I must get Grey in on this too, and went to get Grey.

Unfortunately, Grey was still in his two month stage of insane three-year-old-ness. In this stage, I could hardly speak to the child without a meltdown. It has since improved- he is often reasonable and his meltdown count is much lower. But on this day, Grey was still in the thick of it and my request to take a photo was met with loud screams and flailing. While I tried to reason and bribe the boy, Liam took a few photos, including this one, which I rather love.

Dash took a turn, but at this point, Wren was over her time in the spotlight. I was still coaxing Grey, determined to outdo his stubbornness. Because, this photo was going to be so cute! I must make this happen. It was growing in importance in my mind and I had to make it happen. Then Grey finally acquiesced! But Wren was crying and rubbing her face in the blanket. Maybe this wasn't to be. ... but wait! Wren's quiet. Agh, Grey, go back in the photo. Liam, get off Wren. Good, okay, everyone look at me. Ready, click!

And here it is. Sigh. It's kinda cute. They're all together, that's nice. But I'm not going to blow it up and hang it over my sofa. Oh well. We'll photograph another day. But I sure as heck got my cute one of Wrenny Pie. Atta girl.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fall Family

This was the most thrown together photo. Trying to carve out time when the leaves were just right, the weather was good, the older kids not in school, the baby's awake and fed, AND Sean's not at work... twas an illusive endeavor. But when I sensed the stars were aligning, I grabbed the tripod and went for it. Not a thought for the outfits, or a hair accessory for Wren, or my own hair, or even a makeup touch-up. I suppose it's an accurate reflection of normality. And this was the only photo I captured where no leaves were being thrown. Oy with the leaf tossing!

Best friends for life, I hope. Poor little squished up baby.

Then we let them loose. Be among the leaves! Go!

And then to the park:





Love this family of mine.