Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Popsicle Outside?

What better way to cap a summer day than by enjoying a tasty popsicle on the front porch?

The juice drips everywhere but they don't care. From the first time we tried it, the boys daily (and so many times a day) suggest, "popsicle outside?" In fact, they're probably going to look at this post 40 times today and bring me the popsicle box just as many times.

But, golly, they sure do enjoy their little treat, don't they? As long as I can pop them into the tub right after, enjoy those popsicles, boys!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Dashiell-potamus just looooves to lay down in the tub these days. Water in the ears, hair floating around, the whole thing.

Leemy Bean pretty much only tries it every now and then just because his brother's doing it. But never much more than a quick dip.

See? They don't do everything the same.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Hold an Umbrella

"Man these umbrella's can be so unwieldy."

"Oh here, let me come show you how to hold it."

"You've got to hold your hands apart, see, to give yourself more stability."

"Ahhh, much better! Especially when I use my shoulder, too. Thanks bro!"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daddy Home!

Sitting right here in front of the guest room/office window has become a favorite spot for the boys. They can see all of the firetrucks, ambulances, police cars, buses, and white vans (their five favorite vehicles, not counting construction trucks) that go by. Plus there's a farm with cows right across the way!

The window sill is a perfect place to drive their own cars between vehicle sightings.

Or a little stacking, whichever activity suits them at any given time.

Oh look, a built-in track to follow!

Let's not forget about all the cool "toys" in that room like the spinning chair. They're actually really good at spinning me around. Whee!

But the best part is seeing a certain tan car drive by, hearing the door open and the stairs start to squeak...

Can it be? Can it be?

Daddy's home! (oops, no pants)

Their most requested song is "Dada! Home! [clap clap]" aka Daddy's Homecoming, you know, the song we sing at church on Father's Day with the kiss at the end. I sing it by solicitation at least 15 times a day. I'm sure it's because it reminds them of this happy, happy moment.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

32 Weeks

BAM! How's that for a belly? I'm 32+ weeks and everyone assumes I'm about to pop when they see this protuberance. Alas, I get to enjoy the discomfort for two more months!

Current Pregnancy Side Effects:
Large belly (oh, you hadn't noticed?)
Chub Cheeks
Swollen feet and hands
1/18 my normal energy level
Huffing and puffing whenever I get up off the floor
Bladder capacity of 1 tablespoon
Relentless hip pain that literally kicks my bum
The Braxtons and the Hicks

Admission #1: I'm slightly terrified of having another little one to add to our brood. Simply for the fact that I have no idea to add another routine to what we already have going on. Sure, I know how to take care of more than one kid, but these two boys have the same general needs at the same general time. How the heck do you throw in a completely new schedule, one that, incidentally, will be wholly unpredictable much of the time? It scares me.

Admission #2: I have done so little to prep for this new child of ours. I haven't bought a single item for him (though that is more of an indication that the next set of loans hasn't come in yet), hardly done anything to prepare his room, and checked out a few books to read (but haven't read them yet). At least I've been going to my doctor check-ups regularly, that's most important, right? Right?

Admission #3: I was just looking at old pictures of the boys and, golly, I sure am excited for wrinkly foreheads and elephant knees. I can't wait to squish them!

Admission #4: Despite the fact that I've already done this whole pregnancy thing before, I really have no idea what to expect. Last time I was induced early to ensure the health of our placenta-sharing twins. So I don't know if I have a tendency to go into labor early or late- I'm guessing late only because my mom typically was. I don't know what it feels like to go into labor. I don't know what it feels like to have real contractions that aren't pitocin-enhanced. I don't know what it's like to delivery out of an OR. It makes it especially hard to plan, doesn't it? Though I guess these things always are. I'm just hoping our little apple dumpling hangs waits until my mom comes to make his appearance- it sure would be nice to not have to scramble to arrange care for the boys and Pogo.

Admission #5: As much as I thought I'd miss the frequent ultrasounds, it's been fine without them. In fact, I'm really glad I don't have to do such long appointments. The babe moves all the time and I can tell he's doing just fine. Sorry babe. They weren't ever very complimentary pictures, anyway.

Admission #6: Uh, I'm going to be a mom of THREE. Mind-boggling. And fantastic!


Monday, July 23, 2012


A while back, the boys were munching down lunch and Liam's last few grapes fell into this form. And he quickly identified it as a temple. Isn't that adorable? As is the fact that he's wearing his dad's scrubs.

So I've been waiting for a photo op of Dash to appear that would partner with this one of his brother. This weekend, one did, when Dash grew his own grape:
A "grape" he grew on his lip, after he broke his fall with his face. Poor, poor boy. At least it only bothers him every now and then, otherwise it's a fun plaything for his tongue. And it makes it real easy for people to tell them apart!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Books in Bed

After they're done helping me with the laundry, it's time for a good snuggle under the covers with a good book. Preferably about trucks or trains.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Unfortunate Things

1. They've learned to say "no." Luckily, they say it pretty cutely but use the word quite liberally. I'm fairly certain they don't really mean "no" half the time they use it. If I ask if they want some water and set the cup next to them, they'll say "no" but grab it a few seconds later. Dash has especially embraced the idea, often answering me while I'm in mid-question. But like I said, they say it in such an adorable way- very lilting, scrunching their nose slightly and turning their head aside- that I can't help but smile to myself. Still, things take much longer now that I have to convince them.

2. I can't prevent Dash from having potty accidents in his high chair. Probably a good third of his meals end with wetness. We always use the potty right before we eat, remind him to tell me if he needs to go, I even try to keep them from having liquids for a bit before meal time, but it still happens. My current tactic is to be crazy mega thrilled after each dry mealtime. Any other ideas?

3. I can't keep Liam from pinching and biting his brother (and his parents, less often). Any time he's the slightest bit frustrated with Dash, he's ready to inflict pain. He even does it when everything's hunky dory between them, Dash is just nearby and Liam felt like doing it. Liam usually looks pretty pleased with himself after doing it and the time outs don't seem to deter the behavior. He does give Dash a kiss after but he's ready to hurt him again in a couple minutes. I hope it just fades out soon- Dash began the "being mean" phase, then Liam began as well, then Dash stopped. Hopefully Liam will, too? Any ideas?

4. They sure insist on being carried everywhere. This really isn't that bad except I get tired so easily. And it's a sign of some extra strong clinginess. They've been having a hard time being left in nursery lately, particularly Dash. They just like to have mom or dad around at all times.

Good thing they do lots of cute, sweet, funny, wonderful things that absolutely outweigh those unfortunate things.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Toddler Time

One day earlier in the summer, we went down for a morning at the library. I was completely shocked to find the children's area absolutely crawling with people. But then I was delighted to find out that they were all waiting for the library's Toddler Time. So we joined them!

The boys were big fans. It helped that the first theme was trains. They were "Woo woo!"ing up a storm. And all our other visits have gone swimmingly.

They're a little timid before it begins, what with the big room and new people. But once the singing and hand motions and stories begin, they're all about it... as long as my lap is there for a quick retreat.

End it with a little coloring craft and we have a successful day at the library. Hurray!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video Gamers

Liam and Dash can get really sucked into the television when it's on, so it isn't on very often. But a few nights in the last couple weeks, we've shown them a little bit of Nintendo. They like to help out the characters by jumping on our wii fit board. To which game are we treating them?

Here's a hint. Doesn't help? How about this:

That's right: Mario. Gotta start with the classics. "Mario" is now part of their vocabulary. Sean's proud.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Discovery Flight

The birthday has come and gone and Sean is a happy 27 year old. Would you like to see his birthday present? Here it is:
I bought him a plane! No I didn't. But I did get him a flight lesson!

Okay, okay, enough of the sneak peak. I want to recap his fun birthday weekend. Saturday morning we went to the splash pad, arriving about three minutes before the rain. We giggled a little as all the other families scurried away- we're at the splash pad to get wet, right? What's the harm in rain? Well, I'll tell you- it's cold. The sun's gone and it's windy. We probably played for five minutes before the boys only wanted to cuddle. But it was a fun five minutes, gosh dang it!

After naptime, we headed out for an early dinner.

Dash liked his chocolate milk very much.

As did Liam.

Sean was enjoying his special birthday dinner, wondering why I was keeping tabs on the clock. Then, I presented him with his gift:

Oh my gosh, he was so psyched. He was ready to get to the car and go straight to the airport. Which is good because that's exactly what we needed to do. His lesson was in 15 minutes!

Twenty minutes after he opened his present, he met his airplane. The boys thought it was so cool.

And Sean thought it was so cool. Liam and Dash kept talking about how it was going to go "up high." Dash was a little nervous though- we had visited the place earlier in the week and a really loud plane put him on edge. He recovered quickly.

So they all checked the plane out. Lots of cool gadgets inside.

It was a two-seater. We could have upgraded to a four-seater for passengers but then I'd have to choose between one of our boys to join Sean, the instructor, and I. Can't have that can we?

It's so light-weight, about 800 lbs. I think our SUV is heavier.

Then we had to go a little bit away while they got ready to take off. Liam did not want to leave his daddy. He even started running away from me to get to him, something he hardly ever does in unfamiliar territory.

I think Dash was happy to have a little distance between him and the planes.

Once the propellers started spinning, they both settled in to watch. My belly makes a nice pillow.

And they're off! The instructor did the take-off and landing part but Sean had the reins for the rest of it!

Here Sean goes from our perspective- taxiing out...

And lift off!

Into the distance he flew. It was an hour flight, so he got to be up in the air a nice long time.

Here he is, our pilot in action:
Did you notice the double rainbow? The instructor pretty much let him go wherever he wanted to go (just asked him to avoid the rainy areas). So Sean got to feel out the controls and try out maneuvers at around 2000 feet. I tell you, this was heavenly for him. It's something he always has wanted to do.

At one point, the instructor pointed out a small landing strip and told him to take the plane down for a landing approach. Sean thinks he was about 50 feet off the ground. As he describes it, you can tell how absolutely thrilling that was- it really felt like he was about to land that plane.

We spent our time on the ground going back in the air conditioned office, drinking water, then going back out to look at more planes. We won't talk about how one of my children had three (THREE!) accidents in an hours time (I ran out of spare clothes).

We pretended to be airplanes and the boys constantly talked about how dad was up in the plane. They still do and probably will for days (or weeks!).

The magical flight had to end sometime. It was a thrill from start to finish.

The boys were so glad to see him and tell him over and over how he had been on a plane (since he obviously hadn't realized, you see).

He looks good with those headphones on. Now he really wants to be a pilot.

Thank you, Cessna 162, for taking good care of the love of my life (it was a really idiotic think to start reading Stephanie Nielson's book this week. Really dumb).

Afterward, we went to get gelato. Naturally.

The boys got extra comfortable switching back and forth between our flavors.

Sunday, Sean's actual birthday (Sunday birthday's are the worst), we had church, talked with family, and ate lots of yummy food. And Sean told me over and over how great his present was. I can tell he still gets a little adrenaline rush whenever he remembers the experience.

Happy birthday, Pilot Sean!