Sunday, November 29, 2009

12 weeks and counting...

twins 12 weeks

Here are our babies! they're growing well, above average for their age... In the bottom right you can see the two of them, and "Baby B" in the bottom left and upsidedown was sucking his thumb! They were really active this time, moving around like crazy! We still don't know the sexes yet, probably another month or so... But look at their arms and brain and faces!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Day


Today we had another ultrasound. Man it was cool. We saw them wiggling and kicking and rolling around. One of them was even sucking its thumb! I didn't even know they could do that when they're only 3 inches long.

It was such a fun experience, almost as much as the day we found out we were expecting. Thanks, equate, for letting us know.

And can I just make a sidenote to please ignore my brittle nails from that first picture?
And my dull expression in the next?


I was thrilled- way more thrilled than this photo lets on. Sean was ecstatic. I found this in his google search box that day:


Isn't that sweet? He's going to be the perfect dad.

And despite it's blurriness, this is most definitely my favorite picture of the day:


Friday, November 20, 2009

Living up to our name

Is your anticipation running rampant? Are you ready for the reveal?

Alright, this is what we made:Twins ultrasound 9 weeks 1
Twins ultrasound 9 weeks 2
Actually, I guess I should say the two things we made. That's right folks, I'm pregnant and we're having twins!

Everyone up off the floor? Great, I'll continue.

These wonderful babies are due on June 4th, though I've been told twins usually come early. They're mono-chorionic, di-amniotic twins, which means they share a placenta but are each in their own little space. In some of the ultrasound pictures, you can see the amniotic wall partitioning them off from each other. And for reasons beyond my understanding, the doctor already knows that they're identical. Identical! I've lived my whole life without ever aquiring the skill to tell identical twins apart. I've never been able to. Not once. I'd better learn fast.

Our most recent ultrasound (I'm going to have them frequently since twins are a higher risk) at 9 weeks was in super high def and we saw their little limbs and they were wiggling! I had never even considered that these little embryos could move, not at that point. That means they must have some sort of muscular/nervous system connection that's starting to function. Fascinating and thrilling! It was just astounding to me. I still can't quite comprehend how all this development is even possible.

Everything's been remarkably smooth with my pregnancy, no real sickness at all. Just an occassional queasiness and lack of appetite. Oh, and more frequent bathroom visits! Sean's been a sweetheart taking care of me and not complaining when I'm too tired to tidy up the apartment. For a week.

We are ridiculously excited about these two little babies, albeit a little overwhelmed at the idea of taking care of two at once. But it's going to be a joyful adventure.

And all you experienced ladies out there, bring on the advice!

Did you like the hints in the last post? Sean found that double-yolked egg- brilliance.

I think now we finally deserve the title "The Bradley Bunch."

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sean and I made something really awesome and I'm working on a blog post to tell you all about it. Here's some hints as to what it involves:
Have I piqued your interest?

Friday, November 13, 2009


A few days ago I received this Amazon order in the mail:IMG_8012e
As a faithful Pioneer Woman follower, I've been anticipating this cookbook for months! No longer will I have to rifle through messy wrinkled printouts to find my favorite mashed potato recipe (yes, I even look at a recipe for that basic dish) or run back and forth between the kitchen and computer to compare sauce consistency. I'm a recipe girl and this is the book for me!

And these are all the recipes I'm ready to try. I wonder how long it will take me. Months? Years? Decades? At least it will be a yummy journey.

The first recipe I tried?
Potato Skins. Healthy.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm stoked for her book tour stop in Houston. On December 5th, I'll meet my cooking and photography (and let's face it, my all around ideal of an awesome woman) hero! Check out when she's coming to your neck of the woods.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Introducing: Dr. Pumpkinyll and Mr. HydeIMG_7938e
A seemingly innocuous little pumpkin head.

From one angle, he looks like such a sweet little guy. Wouldn't hurt a flea.

But upon another look, watch out- he's gonna tear off some limbs!

Alright alright, enough of the pumpkin side-show, let's get to the star.
What to carve, what to carve?

Plans are set, time to pull out the Leatherman. Too fancy for pumpkin carving? Not by a long shot.

A surgeon in the making?

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room...

Have you ever seen a more awesome jack-o-lantern? I'm beyond impressed.

We took our pumpkins along when we went Trunk or Treating at church. Everyone liked them but we had something else that outshone our masterful creations:
Well, hot dawg, that's a costume. Happy Halloweanie!