Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One and a Half Years

Hi! I'm Wren! Today I'm one and a half years old.

I'm now chiefly a walker, though I'm still not the most stable. I like to wrap my fingers around one of Mommy's since she'll catch me when I trip. I enjoy walking so much that I really don't like going in the stroller or the car seat anymore. I'll yell to the heavens but Mommy puts me in anyway.

Daddy and Mommy finally got me some shoes that stay on and I love them. I call them "shushuhs." And I call my coat "co," and all adults I care about are "Mahmmy" (including Daddy and all grandparents). I can say more ("mo") and sign it- I can also sign Water, Drink, Eat, and, to signify myself, give myself several hearty thumps on the chest.

I really don't like being changed, both in my clothes and my diaper. But I do like silly chases, silly sounds, silly faces, and silly games. It's pretty easy to get me to giggle and smile.

I eat well and usually eat most of what is given me. I'm not too keen on vegetables but desserts, yes please! And I love snacks, like crackers and fruit strips. I'll ask for them all day long. I also sleep great, both at night and for naps. Mommy says she's really grateful.

My brothers love to play Ring Around the Rosie with me and I also like Peekaboo and watching them do goofy things. They try to do hide and seek with me but I don't really like it because everyone leaves me! I do like to give them hugs and pats whenever they are feeling sad, which seems to help them a lot. I like being so old now because I can keep up with them a little better! Hurray!