Friday, March 29, 2013

Chocolate Art

You have chocolate pudding and want a creative reason to eat it?
Pudding art to the rescue!

The idea sort of worked. Dash was just really pushing it around so he'd have messy fingers to lick.

He'd clean off his hand a bit and then request that I finish it off. By licking, not with a cloth. Right...

Liam was pretty into it, making actual pictures.

I think he called this a dinosaur train. Erm, "denson tren."

He did his share of chocolate consumption too.

I told Sean he had to draw a picture before he ate any but the stinker ignored me.

And Grey cheered from the sidelines. Couldn't have done it without you, bro.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bottom Lip

Missing: One bottom lip. If found, don't bother returning, this is too cute.

I see this face and my knees quake. I'm smitten.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The day after Match Day (I know, I know, I've got a stockpile of photos to post), we had a little celebration get together with some of the other LDS Baylor students and families.

It was there that the reality of the upcoming move hit me. I'm going to have to say goodbye to all these friends. We have to make new ones. We have to sell our home. We have to buy a new one. We have to say leave this city which I've spent the last four years getting to know. I have to start over in Minneapolis.

One friend, though, matched to Mayo, so we'll have a friend nearby! An hour away isn't so much, is it?

Being such a homebody, I'm a little nervous about making new friends. Especially since Sean is going to be so busy as a resident. Maybe that loneliness will motivate me?

The kids will be fine, though, I think they'll love the Minnesota environment. Plus they are so resilient, nothing will phase them for long. Bring on the change!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bucket Boys II

Liam and Dash were looking through some photos on the computer and came across this one:
Then they ran over to their buckets, dumped out their contents, and ran outside, demanding we take another picture just like it.

So we did. A little less room this time. And I didn't have to worry about them tipping over.

They definitely couldn't do this back then.

And there's one more major difference between then and now...
A little brother! Just give 'em a banjo and call them the Bucket Boys!

P.S. This post caused me to look at the post in which the original Bucket Boys starred- it was on Twin Sleep Management. You can bet your bottom dollar that I am so happy I don't have to worry about any of that with Grey. Sleep synchronization? Pff, out the window. (well, sorta not true, I do try to synchronize one of his naps with his brothers' nap) Go do something fun that will likely mess up one of his naps? No problem, just so long as it's not a frequent thing. If you would have suggested that when the twins were his age, to purposely mess up a precious nap, I would have questioned your sanity. One baby is sooo-ho-ho much easier.

Monday, March 25, 2013


The super nice thing about Texas is that it's bike weather all year long.

But now, it's even more so. The boys love to ride.

As does their dad.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Road E O

Last week, we went to our last (ever?) big giant mega Houston Rodeo. I'm sensing a trend with this older boys- like all things we've been visiting lately, they just want to power through. No dawdling allowed! So while I think they liked seeing all the animals, they certainly didn't oo and aw. Though I'm pretty sure they enjoyed the Petting Zoo, full of goats, deer, kangaroos, and more! I stayed out with a sleeping Grey but from a few stolen glances, I could tell they thought it was pretty cool.

We saw and laughed at the Mutton Busting but finally saw the Pig Races. We've always missed it in the past, somehow. Those were some cute pigs.

Liam and Dash made themselves at home but quickly turned their attention to the tractor driving around next door. They like their wheels.

Grey was just happy everywhere we went. Such a good baby.

So long rodeo, it's been nice knowing ya!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quite a State

Liam and Dash have once again fallen in their daddy's footsteps. Currently, they show great interest in geography, particularly states. Observe:

They're really good at Texas especially. Since there's so much Texas pride around these parts, they see images of the state wherever they go!

The nice thing is that I, who has never really cared to learn geography, am learning a thing or two along with the boys. Guess who can now differentiate between Vermont and New Hampshire? Mmhmm, bet you're impressed.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This little man is six months old today!

I remember with Liam and Dash's half year mark, I was just happy everyone was alive. I'm glad to say that  the six months with Grey has been much smoother. Probably because 1) there's only one of him, and 2) I know what I'm doing, kind of, this time. And I get comments all the time about how happy he is. He really is a sweet babe who's favorite thing is to grab your hair and pat your face. Now that he's sitting well, I can put a box of toys in front of him and he'll just go to town. He's been fighting his third nap lately but when he misses it, he doesn't sleep very well. So he's not ready to be a two-nap baby. He's fascinated by his brothers and is tolerating their closeness more these days.

I love him so, I'm one lucky mama.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sitting Tall

Well look who's a big sitter.

I still sit behind him or keep pillows around him but he'll stay upright for a long long time. Unless there's an exciting toy nearby, in which case he'll fling his entire body towards it. Hence, the pillows.

Monday, March 18, 2013

What Match Day Was Really Like

On Match Day, we were able to take the whole crew to the school.

They had us arrive an hour early and we spent the time talking with friends, eating food, go crazy with anticipation.

They held it in a big courtyard that had lots of room to play.

See? Playing.

I think Liam and Dash were unnerved by the large crowd, they were rather subdued. Maybe they were just to anxious to hear where daddy matched.

Then they had a big board full of everyone's envelopes that they uncovered at 11am sharp. Sean went up there (with Dash. And there was an envelope near for someone who's last name was Dash. Dash was quick to point it out.) to fetch it and brought it back out of the crowd. And then he opened it...

I didn't even get a chance to see the word "Minnesota" before Sean yelled it out and started celebrating. 

It was his first choice- he'd served his mission there and was anxious to go to a place he loved and to put his hmong language skills to use. And as anxious as we were to find out where he'd matched, we were both pretty sure it'd be there. They showed him great enthusiasm when interviewing, sent letters, and even called. "Hey, just saying hi." Or something like that. But Sean didn't want to get his hopes up too high for fear of getting disappointed. 'Twas nothing to fear! I'm so proud and excited for him!

Then we came home and did this. Know anyone looking for a home in Houston?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Where Oh Where?

Sean got his first pick.
Minneapolis, here we come!

Ides of Match

It's Match Day! It's Match Day! IT'S MATCH DAY! Come noon, we'll find out what's in store for our future.

Look forward to a special afternoon edition of the blog announcing where Sean matched! Exclamation point exclamation point!

Here's a couple funny videos to help alleviate the anxiety I'm sure you're feeling.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fruit Snack

Liam and Dash have become a little fruit snack obsessed. We bought a big box from Costco and now they request them practically hourly.

But instead of "fruit snacks" they say "fowt sahnk." And it's adorable.

At odd times throughout the day, they'll be doing their thing and suddenly gasp, mutter "fowt sahnk," and run to fetch a pouch. At least they're made with real fruit juice?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Captured Smiles

I don't have too many pictures of Grey smiling. No where near proportional to the vast amount of smiles he gives daily. That camera just makes him wonder, where'd mama go? what's this big black thing I'm looking at? So I set out to capture some smiles with daddy's silly assistance.
It started out as always, him wondering how he can get the camera in his mouth.

Then with a little tickling action, out comes the smile!

And as daddy proceeds to eat Grey's neck, he settles into a general state of bliss.

Oh yep, I'm still here, right behind the camera! Mommy loves you!

For Grey, life's good. What awesomeness will come next?

You're going to let me eat the camera?!

Ah, first, a stare-down. I think I know who's going to win.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's a Match!

Yesterday, Sean matched! That means he is for sure in a residency program in pediatrics. Come Friday, we find out where. Woohoo, Seanieboy!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite

The other weekend we went to the Kite Festival. Luckily it was really windy that day (how'd they plan so well??). Unluckily, it was really cold wind.

So we donned our winter coats and braved the cold.

We started out making and decorating our very own kites!

All kites had to meet the approval of Grey, the Inspector of Awesomeness.

Look at those kites go!

It was so windy, it didn't take much to get the kites up. We just had to make sure it didn't whip any passerbys in the face.

And then one big gust came through and just like that their stings snapped. Hero mommy went after the felled kites, though they were done flying kites after that. Almost every day since then, they talk about this experience when I ask them how their day was each evening. That plus how they got to ride in the tractor from and back to the parking lot. Ah, boys.

Next we watched some professionals do some kite dancing. They had music and choreography, the whole shabang. Pretty impressive.

Grey watched this "kite" the whole time, instead.

Then we just walked around to look at all the kites being flown.

There was a big field for anyone to fly their own kites.

It was so cool to see kites fill the whole sky!

We saw a lot of Asian-inspired kites. Is that where kite flying originated?

And then we all decided it was too cold and went home. Chilly but fun!