Monday, May 25, 2015

Colorado Time

It'd been over two years since Sean visited home so we finally spent a nice week and a half with Mimi and Pompa. Sean was there the whole time, no skipping out to go back to work, which hasn't happened in a while. Here's some tidbits:

Wacky Weather- Most our time in Colorado, it was raining. When it wasn't raining, it was hailing (at least five times!). When it wasn't raining or hailing, it was snowing. We were driving through a hailstorm once and the traffic got so bad we decided to wait it out at the mall. But within the building, water was dripping all over the place from the sky lights and light fixtures, plus water pooling in from the doors. Crazy town.
That's all hail!

Room Sharing- all the brothers got to share a room. I think it helped keep Grey calm during the night (once he'd actually fall asleep) but it meant that they were all up suuuuper early. Well, at least until we put a thick blanket over the window, then they slept a bit longer (phew!)

High Altitude- holy baloney, that altitude messed with this pregnant lady the whole trip. I'd spend most mornings light-headed, weak, and ready to sleep at any moment. I sure got ready for the day slowly.

Car Sleep- I tease my mom about how quickly she can fall asleep in the car (I'm talking mid-conversation, here) but I'm nearly as bad. The number of times I fell asleep in the car this vacation was at least a couple dozen. I'm going to blame it on the altitude again.

Bishop Succession- Sean's dad was just released as Bishop of the ward. Now get this, he was replaced with the same man who replaced my dad as Bishop in Illinois fifteen years (or something) ago! Isn't that the bizarrest? Yep, Bishop Sperry was called after my dad's tenure, and then a few years ago, the Sperry family moved to Colorado into Sean's home ward (which in itself is so coincidental). And now he's Bishop again. I just can't get over how crazy that is.

Eighth Anniversary- Sean and I had babysitters for our anniversary, score! We had an awesome dinner (with free and delicious chocolate cake), did another Escape the Room (in 43 minutes, yo!), and saw the Avengers. It was so dang great to spend so much time with my Love.

Tender Hearts- Each twin had a sensitive moment during a movie. While watching Paddington, when a main character is shot with a tranquilizer dart, Liam welled up with tears, ran to me shaking, and wanted to stop watching the movie immediately. While watching Home, it was announced that a certain group was about to destroy the world and Dash couldn't stop the tears from coming and came to snuggle. These two boys have very tender, sensitive hearts.

Great Grandparents- our kids don't get to see their great grandparents nearly enough but Great Grandma and Grandpa Bradley drove over to be with us a few days. We felt so lucky!

Little Brother- Grey discovered his role as Annoying Little Brother during the trip. We're talking swiping toys, chucking books at his brothers, hitting and biting, yelling things repeatedly at the top of his lungs, all while Liam and Dash whined and Grey giggled.

Long Drive There- We split up the drive to Colorado into two days, which meant we stayed in a hotel for the night. Grey would NOT sleep anywhere but one of the beds, so he ended up in Sean and my bed. Problem was, it was a pretty narrow bed, so I ended up sleeping flipped- head at the foot of the bed, feet up next to Grey. One of the worst night sleeps- kids up during the night, my hips constantly going numb, Grey kicking me, Pogo whining in the middle of the night, everyone up early. The night before, though we had a nice stroll around downtown Rapid City where there's presidential statues on all the main corners. And we got to see Mount Rushmore the next morning- more on that later.

Long Drive Back- It unexpectedly started snowing the day before our planned departure and kept on snowing for hours into the night. Our plan of leaving in the early morning (on Mother's Day) was stymied by very snowy neighborhood roads. So we left a few hours late- which meant we were there to skype with Sean's missionary brother!- and didn't get back home until 4am. Everyone had a sleepy next day.
Some crazy, little people were excited about the snow

We were ill prepared to dress for winter.

At least it made a fun snack?

Then everyone wised up and jumped in the hot tub.

Stay tuned for some grand Colorado adventures!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


One windy day, Sean came home from work with a kite.

And so an evening was spent giggling in the cool breeze.

The kids caught on to the concept quickly- stretch out the string and run!

And just try to catch it!


I could hardly get a photo of Liam because he never stopped moving the entire time.

And none of them stopped laughing.

(POST EDIT: Some videos of the kite in actions:


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the last ten weeks

Okay seeing as I'm now THIRTY WEEKS (!), I should catch you up on the belly shots. Of which I only have two. Look how petite I am at 20 weeks (didn't feel petite at the time, though, that's for sure).

Steadily growing

Dash wanted to use the camera and his brothers wanted to hug baby, so that worked out well.

Sweet kisses.

Then Liam wanted to use the camera and didn't aim quite right when Dash was giving hugs. Oops. At least Liam captured this great face.

Pregnancy Notes:
- Baby Girl has moved past simple kicks and punches, now preferring rolls and performing a series of karate moves. I'm frequently pummeled from the inside.
- Still real tired, always ready to sleep, needing to take lots of sitting breaks.
- My hips, they are a'hurtin'. Getting up from laying down or off of a hard surface (like the floor) must be done gingerly.
- Every now and then I get the worst belly pain, like my skin is about to rip open and any touch is torture. I think it's just gas in my weirdly squished organs but it sure hurts. So far, it's subsided on it's own after a few hours.
- Passed the glucose test!
- I'm mildly anemic. I keep forgetting to buy iron supplements.
- I keep adding to my To Do For Baby list without crossing much off. Go ahead and kick in Nesting Instinct... anytime...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hi, I'm Dash.

Today, I turn five!

I've always got a rhythm in my body, ready to wiggle my hips and jump to the beat at any moment. My favorite color is red and has been for a long time. Sometimes I talk with what my mom calls a Big Voice- I'm not yelling, I just make my voice deep and loud. I love to get really excited and giddy about new and interesting things.

When someone's upset or hurt, I'm quick to come over with a hug and kiss. Although, my hugs are usually a little too tight around the neck. I currently love Star Wars with a burning passion. I love my brothers so much and am so excited for a sister!

Hi, I'm Liam.

Today, I turn five, too!

I love to entertain people with my silly faces and voices. My favorite color changes frequently, usually either blue or red. Being first is very important to me and it can be hard for me to get calm if I'm not first. I ask lots of good questions and am very curious.

I am really great at saying "thank you." I like to give spontaneous sweet hugs and kisses, plus a few giant squeezes here and there. I too am obsessed with Star Wars. My brothers are my favorite and I'm so happy to have a new sister soon!

Birthday twins, best friends.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Preschool Graduation Year 2

Since one of our mom-teachers was about ready to birth a babe, we ended our Preschool year a little early. Graduation party and certificates included.

Yes, that's more like it. These are the kiddos I taught.

And the siblings! Except Grey who was crying on my lap because he wanted to be the one who took the photos.


Liam and Dash are starting kindergarten in the Fall. Oh mylanta. Guess I'll just do a little preschooling for Grey!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fire Station Field Trip #3

Our preschool went to the Firestation one more time to watch the Firemen practice their ballet positions. Nah, we were all waiting for the big ladder to descend.

We did our normal Firehouse stuff except this time all the trucks were outside while they did some work within.

All the kids enjoyed telling the paramedics about their minor scrapes and bruises.

And now we come to the part where we try on Fireman Stuff. Part 1.

Part B.

Part iii.

Part 4.

Part E.

Part vi.

And best of all- when they can try on stuff while INSIDE the truck.

Another Fire Station trip, another roaring success!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Easter 2015

Our final installment of Florida posts features Easter and all its eggy delights.

We patiently dyed eggs. I didn't get hardly any photos while I made sure Grey didn't chuck eggs all over the kitchen.

We got to do our dying with cousins!

Then the hunt!

The twins were booking it all over the yard.

And Grey just sort of followed. He didn't find to many eggs that way.

And Liam and Dash had a bunch.

So a little assistance was required. Psst, Grey, look over here.

And brothers shared!

Everyone was happy with their bounty. Happy Easter!