Sunday, August 31, 2008

My kind of town

When sean started the blog, our lives were utterly boring, absolutely nothing blog-worthy. But we've just returned from a two week trip home to Chicago. Which is definitely worthy of a post! We did so many things on this trip that the time flew by.

Our first excursion was to the Blue Man Group show. My parents and I had already seen it a few years ago but it was Sean's first time. And it was right up his alley! There was so much great entertainment and music and twinkie eating and paint splashing and toilet papering. What a blast.

See the lady standing behind Sean. She kindly reminded us that we were NOT to take photos in the theater. Heh...
A few days later the mom, dad, sean, and I drove on over to US Cellular Field for a White Sox game!
Like my hat?
We were also joined by my brother, Brian, and his wife and kids. They've got team spirit.
It was a great game against the Mariners. Because we clobbered them. The first inning was iffy- we blew a double play that would have ending the half, then gave up 3 runs. But we redeemed ourselves with great hitting in the following innings with much better fielding. I think there were 4 home runs, for which we were treated to a little fireworks display. Oh yeah, we also got to witness a fight a row away from us. Such a good idea to sell beer at games.
Sox won 14-4. At least I think that was the score...

Another treat was a trip to the musical Wicked! It's no Les Mis but it's wonderful in it's own right. Holy cow, Glida CRACKS me UP! And can anyone not feel overwhelmed during Defying Gravity?
Psst, I got a secret for you. What if there was more to the Wicked Witch than we thought...

One night we went to the Richardson Farm Corn Maze. I love the corn maze. I live for the corn maze. This years theme is the election. But, agh, every year I get a t-shirt. It's important to me. And wouldn't you guess it, they weren't in yet this year. I'm devastated.
Um, we went there at night so I couldn't get any good pictures, so I stole this from a little place called the "internet"

Because my mom and all of Brian's family have season passes to Six Flags Great America, they used their free guest passes to let us into the park a couple days. It was a ton of fun! It's been a few years since I've been there and they've got some awesome new coasters. Plus my nostalgia for the old ones.
This Superman roller coaster flies you along the track on your stomach. Woah.
How cute, Sean and I are on the Demon together. We had a blast trying out all the rides... until Sean lost his phone on one. sigh. No one likes paying for a replacement phone.

We had a great time just being a home with the fam, watching the olympics and playing games.
The kids got pretty good at Set. I'm still not terribly good, however.
I had the best time staying up late to chat with mom, learning to make new meals, working on projects with dad, and playing with my loveable pooch. She's just the most adorable thing in the world.

It was a wonderful, relaxing, fun, care-free trip that ended much too soon. At least the flight home provided some lovely scenery.
Beautiful, no? I guess Utah has some redeeming qualities.