Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buh buh buh burthday

Who doesn't love birthdays? I do! Even the ones that aren't mine.

Earlier this month, Darren's eldest celebrated hers and we got to join in the party. It's great living by family!

It was just a casual affair- opening presents, eating cake and treats, giggling with my friends.

Well, I didn't really do that last part, that was the birthday girl's job.

They even painted little ceramic figurines. Lovely!

Fun was had by all. See:
I told you.

You know who else had a birthday? Pogo! She's 10! I can't believe it. People still mistake her for a puppy.

We don't know exactly when her birthday is, so we decided, long ago, to celebrate on my Aunt's birthday. Doesn't that make you feel honored, Aunt Kay?

We did lots of fun Pogo things to make her feel special. Like taking her on a walk. Pogo loooves her walks!

We take turns being the leashman, because we looove her walks too!

On this walk, we gave her extra long sniff breaks.

And extra chances to be cute.

AND she got to leap through the icky, mosquito-infested standing water on the sidewalk. Whee!

Then at home, I'd say "Happy birthdaaaaaay!" and she'd howl and howl. And then I'd howl too. What a couple of hound dogs.

And Sean made a Pogo blanket basket. She liked it for about 8 seconds.

And of course, we played tug of war with her ball. How she loves that ball and only her ball. Try any other toy and she'll turn away in disgust. She has very elite taste. But that's okay, because it's her birthday.

Happy Birthdaaaaay Pogo! Arooooo!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pogo Playtime

Pogo, not surprisingly, has become my most frequent photo subject. Although, my new biggest problem has been figuring out how to photograph in our weirdly-lit apartment, and all of Pogo's black fur doesn't help the matter. Yet I persevere. Here's some of my recent favorites, not-so-clever titles and all.



The Perfect Nook

Where's the Moon?

Let Me Catch My Breath

Treat? Yes please.

Any of you have better title ideas?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Raised Eyebrows

This is what happens when Sean rubs his face on my eyes.
Perhaps I should invest in some smudge-proof eyeliner.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Winter Wedding

Sean and I are more than thrilled to congratulate Kyle and Lindsay, who are now very officially engaged. It'll be so fun to have a new sister!
They'll be getting married on December 19th (I'm pretty sure) in Utah. Looks like I'll get to go back out west sooner than I expected!
Sean and I are so happy for those two!
(picture stolen from facebook. I only have one rather goofy looking picture of them together. That's what happens when you've only met the bride once.)
Happy Day!