Friday, June 30, 2017

Royal Gorge Bridge (plus bugs!)

For Liam and Dash's birthday, we did a little trip to visit the Royal Gorge Bridge.

First, we were greeted by a water-powered clock. Well, actually, we were greeted by one of the boys ripping his toenail on a door and me hunting down bandaids. But then, a clock.

Next? Consult the maps!

Taking a peek down at the old incline tram track. There was a big fire four years ago that basically destroyed everything except the bridge. Poor old incline tram.

Then, the bridge! The highest in the US. And nearly 1300 feet long.

We're here! (A photographer's got to get in the shot somehow)

Time to look around.

Look at the suspension cables. How does just that hold everything up?

I was about to ask why there aren't cables attached to the other side of the tower before I realized the funny perspective going on. I have a masters degree! I smart!

Grand views from all sides.

Found the Colorado flag! Nice tall railings along the length. Kept everyone perfectly safe. Unless your kids are crazy climbers, but mine were not.

And Wren gets to stay extra safe in the backpack, even if she'd really RATHER NOT. (That's what that face means)

The eeriest thing, though, is that it's really just a plank of wood separating you from the land far below. Sometimes official cars would drive by and make the wood wiggle. [shiver]

Take a gander through. 955 feet down to rock and the Arkansas River. (Okay, whatever, so this probably isn't that far down. I meant to take another shot in the middle of the bridge but I had to do parenting things and forgot. Okaaaay?)

But if you keep your eyes up, not so bad.

A view from the other end. We made it!

More cables!

We took a lunch break after watching a film on the bridge's history. There was a live band playing with an impressive violinist and a not so impressive vocalist.

Bridge is still there!

Trying their hand at mini-train conducting. They seem suited.

Oh, poor Wren, too be a few inches taller.

We bought a little fossil rock set for the kids to try panning for fossils. There was a big playground that the kids were anticipating but it wasn't open for the season yet. Bummer. So we shelled out some dough for some fossils.

Trudging up the hill toward the gondolas.

Oh yeah, did I mention Mimi and Pompa were there, too? Mimi and Pompa were there, too.

So. Somehow my settings on my camera got disturbed and all the gondola photos are a dark mess, though I could sort of salvage a couple. Here's what the gondolas looked like as we passed. We all wished they had transparent bottoms.

The gondola was good for more pretty views.

Kids were unfazed by our odd setting. Just riding a thousand feet up, aint no thang.

Finally tuckered out after a long visit.

Giving Pompa a goodbye hug.

On the way home, we decided to make an extra stop at the May Museum. Also known as the Bug Museum! It was pretty much a room filled with rows of pinned insects.

pretty insects
These were my favorite samples. Such vibrant colors. That's not to say that I wouldn't flip out if one was flying toward my face, but they're pretty under the glass.

We didn't stay too long since the kids lost interest and just played hide and seek under the curtained tables. Good for a quick visit. Quite a fun day, I must say!

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