Monday, May 1, 2017

Rachel and the gang

Rachel and kids recently stayed in Colorado for six weeks while Tim rotated (was stationed? I don't know the correct military/medical school terminology) away from home. It was so fun to see her and have the cousins all play together when we'd get together. Of course, I never brought my camera with me- why would I do that?! BUT I did finally bring it when Great Grandma and Grandpa Bradley came for a little visit.

All my boys, but especially the twins, wanted to be around baby Henry. As in, it was the first thing they asked when they'd walk in the door, "can I hold baby Henry?"

So Henry plus doting grandparents? Heaven.

They lived to make him smile.

Ellie was a blur of energy and my kids loved following her around and having her follow them around. Ellie and Wren's hair are almost exactly alike, I did sooooo many double-takes.

Grandparent bonding, melts my heart!

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