Friday, April 14, 2017


Hi, I'm Grey! I just turned four and a half!

I'm a happy little guy, laughing at anything remotely funny and trying to make everyone else laugh. I like to sing little bits of all sorts of song and you'll be sure to find me silly dancing to any music I hear.

While I do like push my brothers' buttons sometimes, I'm not quite so constantly in little-brother-mode. I'm pretty patient with my little sister who really enjoys hitting and scratching me for no reason. Something my mom appreciates is that, even when I'm complaining, I don't really whine. It's really refreshing for my parents.

Mommy loves it when I open my eyes real big, it makes her laugh and laugh. I'm a sweet child who offers a lot of love and hugs and am super ready to cuddle and read books together. And I always like getting tucked in at night.

I'm currently really enjoying doing puzzles and leaving them out for as long as my parents will let me. I also love to ride my tricycle down the sloped sidewalk at super speed. I also really like watching EthanGamerTV on youtube.

Happy half birthday to me! Love and kisses, everyone!

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