Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Colorado's Mild Winter

Winter here in Colorado Springs has been such a different experience than in Minnesota. The temperatures sometimes get down to twenties, even the teens (one day it did actually go below zero) but in almost equal measure will swing up to the fifties and sixties! We've had so many lovely days! It snows every now and then but will melt within a couple of days. That first MN January was spent almost entirely below zero. I quite prefer the Colorado winter, I must say.

There have been some pretty windy days. One particular wind storm blew over almost everyone's fence in the area. And there was another very windy snowstorm- the conditions were just right for the snow to smack into the plants sidelong and just build on each other.

Everything you could see was generously smeared with snowy icing.

For two days we lived in a grayscale world. Then the next morning, it was all gone as if it never was.

The kids haven't been too keen on snow adventure. Maybe because they knew better weather was around the corner, so why bother?

When Wren would venture out, the chill of the snow would become too much very quickly. Let's all get hot chocolate instead! And lay out our light jackets for tomorrow!

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